SEO ranking drop google after malware hack

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I registered my domain about 6 years ago. Had good rankings and good sales after about a year of being registered after lots of good SEO work.

I took my eye of the ball due to other work commitments and my site got hacked. Stupidly I didn't fix it immediately, ignoring malware warnings as I was just consumed by work and family life.

I fixed it after a month or so and Google have accepted it is fixed in Webmaster tools when I submitted it.

I'm still not ranking for any main key words - not even top 150 even though I ranked 3-10 for many before the hack. I get hits for some poor value ones. Not many though. I rank brilliantly on Bing.

I wonder if my sit might be sandboxed on google for some reason? I don't know whether to buy a new domain in case some issues linked to the domain. Any advice on what I can do and what I could check? Should I wait a few months and see if there is ranking improvement or would migrating to a new domain and starting from scratch work somewhat to recovery? I don't want to be sat waiting for improvements for 6 months to see nothing as google have blocked my domain for some reason.

It's a simple eCommerce site running Woocommerce.
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