I have lots of solid stuff and was wondering where to sell all this?

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Hi! First of all I am really sorry because my 1st post is straight about selling something but I really want to know!

I have some JV Letters, Keyword List, Promo emails, Order Pages, Salesletters, Squeezepages, Testimonial Pages and Guarantee Pages, I have lots of this things...

I never done something like this so I'm not sure where to go and who to ask, so here I am...

What's your opinion? Would anyone (I'm not thinking on people directly on WF) be interested in this and how to sell this things?
I want to sell them all together but not sure how much all this cost.

Anyway, I appriciate any comment and any help.


I'm not a newbie Just, whole my life I was just creating all this things and buying some, I was never selling something like this, so I need some help.
Thank you in advance!
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    Any idea...?
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    Unfortunately you are addressing the off topic section that talks about anything but internet marketing. Finding different and creative ways to insult a fat, smelly bald guy called Claude Whitacre is far more important here, as well as the relative merits of Own brand Fish Sticks.

    Where ever you go, there you are.

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    Facebook would be the place
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