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So this is my first time back (except for a brief stint in 2015) since my wife who some of you may remember Cathy Shelver Passed away.

( I would like to thank the moderators who allowed me to keep her old account with all its posts its been a hard but fun trip down memory lane reading old posts and threads brought back amazing memories )

Since then so much has changed and I now live in the USA a dream I have had since i can remember and was hoping to see all the old faces (avatars) .. And the closest I have come to that is on the Off Topic forum.

So i went looking through the friends she had on her profile and it seems most of them before signing off spent a lot of time on here.
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    First off welcome back ! A lot of the old posters may have moved on. But several are still around and drop in time from time. Any how since this part of the forum is more about jokes and other nonsense. Make your self familiar with the cast of characters that visit here. See Claude's Halloween thread to get a idea of who they are

    Here is the link to save you some time. -
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