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Ok, l have a few for Firefox, but it can also be for Chrome or Explorer.

Been trying to find a decent online investment site lately, and did find a promising one, but it also has the annoying problem with bringing up a popup, after 5 minutes and then giving you a 2.5 minute countdown to click on the page, to show that you are still alive.

This is fine for banking, but not for wanting to occasionally check on how you are going, and having to go through signing in, every time, even with the auto filler it becomes a annoyance.

So ok, the app, tried several on page ones, but none worked, for Firefox, but then found this one...

Tab Reloader (page auto refresh)

Which is easy to use and refreshes the page every 5 minutes, or l ran it today, or been logged in for an hour, (10 seconds to a year time option).


Owl - for Comfortable Reading

is another one of my top picks, or it allows webpages, Google Search backgrounds, and forums backgrounds to go from stark white to black.

Which is a huge reduction in eye strain over the day.

Other ones, do a bad job or pigs breakfast the text, this one is great, and is a lifesaver for Wikipedia, and other sites, that are into snow-blindness. You can also ignore sites if you want to leave the color scheme alone.

Ok, those are my best one, what are yours?

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