Interview with Sophia the robot

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The popular robot recently showed on 'This Morning' in the UK.

One step closer to iRobot.

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    Sounds like quite a bit of research - I guess inquiring minds need to know.

    Shane might like this one....real robots doing real jobs on a campus.. the text of the articles screams 'geek' to me but maybe it's just me....
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    Key that article is good I read the authorities in new your agent nuts and got angry at Amazon when the tested three delivery robots in the city .

    I think the short Rand delivery drones,robots automated mini cars are going to be a thing or in heavy use well before full automateddriving vehicles outnumber human drive cars . Especially if the cost per unit goes under 1000Usd.

    How many star buck or coffee shops have delivery drivers .how many could have a small fleet of these zipping out to deliver coffee to people who have sell phone tracking aps .

    Lots off different potential uses .

    There will be a lot more work for humans to do but non tepetative tasks .as most work has been .

    The people who really lose out Wong be the workers or the people who actually do stuff it will be the layers of management and personnel departments. Who are no longer need because ten 50 robots and 20 employees no do the job you needed 3000 people for

    If I had tech and skil with robotic and ai ..I would shift computer learning eliminating teachers . Eventually computers and robots will have to figure out how to make humans smarter.

    Heck almost all the memorizing we did in schools is now worthless and replaced buy elexa and seri.

    The main reason for the way school are set up is to condition students to work in factories or offices .and to dramatically slow the process of learning. And subject student to indictination

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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