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Apple released the AirPods Pro in October 2019. They feature active noise cancellation, something which the regular AirPods sorely lack.

What do you think? Are you hitting the nearest Apple Store to buy a new pair? Or are you sticking with your current earphones?
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    idk, but I LOVE their commercials!!!
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    I was going to get my sister some for Christmas, I thought I was placing the order with plenty enough time, it was late Nov early Dec or about three weeks or so away from the 25th, I got to the buy button and the copy read order today delivers: in one to two months. Who would of thought that a trillion dollar company dropships from Ali Express.
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    Gotta check out with my friends first because I know they'll buy them immediately haha
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  • If I discovered dead in the street bcs I wandered into a heist situation while skippin' 'bout like a desensitized loon, blame Apple.

    Howevah, if'n the heist guys playin' Spotify's Total Cert Bank Job Boogie playlist, mebbe I get to creep away unharmed -- or play sassy heroine with a suitably offensive OBJECT GRABBED AT RANDOM, plus my super sharp mascara pen in my offhand.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    seems not so bad and probably will be better to use this one but depends on our taste
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    I have seen some wearing noise cancelling headphones while walking in shopping centres, which l can understand, but not so sure if they are safe.

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