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Until now, I didn't Google had a dashboard where it shows my search history, where I've been, YouTube history, etc.

What's interesting is that since they track my location, could they have been using this to tailor ads based on where I am? Or maybe, tailor ads based on my search history?

Just a thought.
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    I knew about Youtube Watch history and even that was surprising to me (because I watched a ton of stupid stuff).

    I'm afraid to see my search history haha
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    Yes, Google does use its algorithms to track the location and the searches of a person. It helps them to tailor the ads they serve us when we are on the internet.
    The same goes for Youtube. What we search and watch on Youtube is tracked by Google and then specific ads are shown to us based on our search and location history.
    That is how the recommendations of Youtube also works.
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    This only happens when you're signed in to Google. When you sign in to any service, you should expect them to use your data.
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    Not to be confused with Google analytics.

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    Thanks for sharing this.
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