Oh my gosh...It's been 8 years?

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It's hard to believe, but it's been 8 years since I was last in the Warrior Forum. Don't know...and won't know what has changed until I poke around a bit. Hope there are still some of my old friends around. Looking forward to start getting some products going again. If you say HI, and I don't remember you first off...please forgive me. There's been a lot of water that's flowed under the bridge in the past 8 years.
Back to affiliate marketing, (sorry I ever left) and rebuilding my lists. I hope this finds all of you well!
God Bless,
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    Welcome back to the Warrior Forum. A lot has changed in 8 years but take a look around and join in the discussions.
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    Yes, welcome back, no better place than this!

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    I'd say "Welcome Back", but I've been gone about 5 years, so, I'm coming back in also. it is time to get back to IM and start using some websites I pay for each year and never use.
    Bob Hale
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    Didn't want to use the phrase "me too", but I am another veteran warrior that hasn't been back for a while. Good to see I am in great company with you other veterans. ; - D
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    Hey gents. I too was in the performance marketing/direct response/affiliate business from 2014 - 2018. Took a few years off and would like to put my knowledge to work again. Will you vet's share some of the things you're thinking about doing in this post/thread? Would be great to start brainstorming and working off each other.

    I used to run traffic mainly on Facebook/Yahoo, DSP's as well as some ads on content marketing networks (Outbrain/Taboola/AdBlade).

    One project idea is getting a blog going and building an email list to monetize. Would be great to learn about what you guys are thinking about doing
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      I took a few years off too, but I'm back and eager to pick up learning where I left off.

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    Welcome back, folks.
    If you need a refresher or if you need an intro on anything new you may have missed, check out this WF section.
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    Welcome back!

    I also did not go to the forum for more than 4 years! Now here is even more useful information.
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    I am trying to remember where I go to market my new ebook...LOL. My gosh, I really miss my brain.
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