Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites: Which Is Becoming King in the War?

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Although at this point it is quite apparent which platform is taking the lead in terms of user preference, there are still many organizations that would invest in a good looking mobile website than an actual app.

Nonetheless, a fair game play is required so we discussed the benefits both contenders provide for you to pick your winner.

Mobile App Pros
• Personalization: Mobile apps enable users to set their preferences when they are downloading the app. Since personalized communication is the latest and most successful trend, mobile apps are a clear winner here.
• Leveraging Device Features: A native app can make use of the device's software and hardware like the camera, GPS, and more. This enables organizations to provide better services to their customers through push notifications, device vibrations or alerts, automatic updates, and more.
• Offline Access: Mobile apps can run offline and provide much of the basic features without an internet connection.
• Enhanced Customer Engagement: Mobile apps are solving pain points and hence engaging customers more into the features and ease of access they are providing.
• Branding Perks: Your app's icon is more like self-advertisement of your brand, which is definitely an advantage compared to a mobile website that, if not remembered or bookmarked, is forgotten.

Mobile Website Pros
• Bigger Audience Reach: A mobile website is available on all platforms, and when it comes to search engines, sites have more reach and visibility as compared to mobile apps.
• Search Engine Optimization: Desktop or mobile site usage isn't going anywhere, but it also isn't as high as mobile app usage statistics. However, when it comes to Google ranking, websites take the lead. This means more traffic

Winner: Mobile apps

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