Starbucks opens a new store in Tokyo with a dedicated working space

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Image source: Starbucks Japan

If you're like me who prefers working remotely in a cafe but dread sharing the same table with other customers, Starbucks, in collaboration with marketing firm Think Lab has opened a new store in Ginza.

Image source: Starbucks Japan

Of course the first floor operates pretty much like your bread and butter Starbucks, with a contactless hand-off counter that's part of the new normal. The second floor is the best part where it's fitted out with solo working spaces in the form of individual booths - perfect if you have a video call booked on your calendar and you want that macchiato fix sorted out. The booths are managed by Think Lab, can be booked in advance, and costs ¥300 (approx USD 2.83) for 15 minutes.

If you happen to be in Tokyo, feel free to send us photos of the place and chime in.
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    pity my favourite pub never offered the same deal.
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    I may be alone on the planet - but have never been to starbucks - anywhere, ever...don't drink coffee. Not sure if I should be embarrassed or, like, 'you go, girl'...
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    I go to SB, occasionally, especially since they gave me a free cup of ice, (l tried to give them a big tip, but wouldn't accept it) without having to buy anything else.

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  • What they callin' this?

    Cubicular Leisure?

    Tellya, I seen plenty office spaces like this.

    Prolly this goes in Wind-up Marriers (yanno, that othah WF sectschwaahn I sumtimes play in) but any kinda interaction twixt braino an' propulsively excellent product prolly don't wanna hang out anyplace you can't get undressed easy for shock value.

    The interplay between distractions an' focus is real intrestin'.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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