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Due to a bad back I decided to try ordering groceries online for delivery to my door, first time ever.

So, not wishing to trapse to the supermarket I ordered food online yesterday from Amazon for free delivery by 2pm same day. They took over Wholefoods Market here about a year or so ago.

The food delivery came by 2pm, as promised, to my door inside the apartment complex (in about 8 paper bags) Only one substitution which they texted asking my permission to go ahead with. I wanted to add some more stuff directly after placing the order but they said it would have to be on a separate order. Not being in a hurry as it was not essential, I ordered (different, actually cheaper) stuff using their normal services, so will get 2 items Tuesday. I forgot kitchen bin liners and so ordered them, next day free delivery. You do currently have to pay $119.00 to get Amazon Prime per year, but considering how much I order from them, I have more than saved the delivery money back, plus you get their streaming services, shows etc.

Wholefoods Market were expensive until Amazon took them over and they reduced the prices, so still a bit more expensive than going to the superstore. But, hey, free delivery and fast. I made the mistake of ordering 3 pounds of apples, er, that was only three large ones. It was so much per apple. Next time I will order 12. So far, it's better food though. Fresh. The store across busy main road" "Kroger" is ok if you buy branded goods. Their own stuff though is diabolical. I mean, washing up liquid that congeals at the top so you have to put a pin through it once a week, even black pepper, could barely taste it?

My sister tells me that in the UK, you usually could order online for delivery, but, they are so overwhelmed by people doing it because of Covid, you may be declined or have to wait several days. Amazon there does not have a food service.

What's your experience of ordering your groceries online for home delivery, if any?
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    In the Netherlands, almost all major supermarkets do deliver at home and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it. Besides the supermarkets, we also have some online supermarkets that deliver fast.

    You have options for free delivery, but it will be in some days or you pay a very low fee to get it faster and at a more convenient time.


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    I like going to the store. I guess if I were to order online it would only be pantry items, i.e. canned, boxed, or bagged. I would still want to pick my own veggies, meat, and seafood.


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    There are many great online services these days, and I like ordering fresh veggies and fruits online, it is really handy. I also like using the service called Enhance Club for some supplements, and they work pretty well for me too. Maybe you will find it helpful to you too, good luck!
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  • I haven't tried it yet, but I'm a huge fan of being able to order stuff online and have it sent to my house. I do that with pretty much everything but food. I will probably start doing it with food soon, too. The Safeway close to us offers that and it would be fantastic to have it sent to the house.
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      Originally Posted by Angela V. Edwards View Post

      I haven't tried it yet, but I'm a huge fan of being able to order stuff online and have it sent to my house. I do that with pretty much everything but food. I will probably start doing it with food soon, too. The Safeway close to us offers that and it would be fantastic to have it sent to the house.

      When pandemic first started I was ordering stuff from Schwan's
      (shipped via UPS) and working with what was in my pantry and

      Around August I ordered from Whole Foods through Amazon and
      it was nice having real groceries after all that time. I ordered that
      three times when I saw Wal-Mart's membership plan where you
      didn't pay delivery fees, just the driver tip. So I started ordering
      from Wal-Mart because they carry more of what we actually eat.

      Whole Foods is nice but I'm not into organics, small sizes, and
      everything is $5.99. Some things were overpriced even things
      that weren't organic. But it's so easy ordering through Amazon.

      Wal-Mart was sorely lacking in the produce department, so then
      I started ordering from Albertson's, they have a membership too.
      They have the nicest and freshest produce, their prices are a little
      higher than Wal-Mart for most things, but it's worth it and they
      don't take tips.

      So I have been ordering from both, one week Wal-Mart the next
      week Albertson's and it's been great. They leave the stuff on my
      porch, I have a three storage bin system where I put perishables/
      frozen in one, produce and breads in the other, everything else in
      the third, and larger items like case packs go on the floor.

      Then I wheel it all back to the kitchen on my wagon, perishables
      first. And then, being OCD, I proceed to sanitize, wipe, and wash
      everything that goes into the refrigerator. That takes awhile.

      Anyway, after pandemic is over, I probably won't go grocery
      shopping anymore. I might go to the Army base commissary
      every six months or so and do a really big shop. Other than
      that I'm going to keep having my stuff brought to the door.
      Shopping for groceries is a drag.

      I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago and he
      said that he goes to the store because he needs to look at the
      groceries. And I said, really, you need to look at an egg. Like
      you don't know what it looks like. People are so stuck in their
      ways it's just silly.

      I also order from Costco and Sam's and that really helps keep
      me stocked up with the essentials.

      @lanfear63 I've been meaning to reply to your thread, just
      never got around to it.
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    I have been ordering food online since a really long time now. I used to be skeptical as first but the first time i got my order it was brilliant. All the products were fresh and dairy products were wrapped properly so they wont break. I've switched to it completely especially because of the lockdown but honestly I think I'd probably be using it even after the lockdown is lifted. Its too convenient and you know its good when fruits and vegetables come in fresh!!
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