I sure wouldn't want to be this Big and Strong ...

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Would you ??

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    I would rather be slim and fit, not pumped up like that. You need to suffer though if you are into making a living entering competitions that display strength like lifting weights or showing your muscles.

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    Watched a good series a few weeks backed called "Trafficked". They did a whole episode on steroids'. They spent part of the show featuring a Bodybuilder trying to compete in Competition. To get to that size these guys got be juicing in my humble opinion.

    Here is a link to the episode if you want to watch it.
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    If it makes anyone feel better, it's genetically impossible for the vast majority of people to get that big, steroids or not. We all have a predetermined limit to how big our muscles can grow, no matter what we do.

    Some strongmen look like the big guy in the video. He would have a very hard time fitting into a car or plane seat, if he never trained at all, and was slim. Look at the thickness of his wrists, the size of his hands. His height.

    There are strongmen that have near supernatural strength, that just look like anyone else.

    Through genetic gifts and very hard training, their muscles are denser than normal with mostly fast twitch muscle fibers, and far more nervous connectivity to the muscles than the rest of us.

    They may have thin forearms, but the muscle feels like bone.
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      They may have thin forearms, but the muscle feels like bone.

      With a little work, this could be my noo strapline.

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    i respect the work they have to do and the discipline .. the steroids reduce redovery time and allow someone to work harder .. and many guys that big die below 50 ..

    i couldn't handle the amount of food they have to eat to stay that big
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