A Shout Out In Recognition Of Sparks

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In the 1970's, Sparks had a huge hit with the Excellent: "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of US" A few more hits followed. Then they seemed to disappear. Twenty Four Albums later they are still going. Sparks are two brothers, Russell Mael , now 72, and his older brother Ron, now 75. Russell sings and Ron writes most of the music and does the instrumentation. In 2017 they released an album called Hippopotamus. From nowhere it got into the top ten album charts,

Their songs are often funny, enigmatic, lyrically thoughtful and artistic. But, above all, tuneful and many of them are memorable. Yet, the world largely ignores their greatness, popular music has descended into mediocrity. Somehow, Sparks have continued to squeeze what is left in creating decent songs out of the genre. I am glad I have re-discovered them and present a small selection of some of their great songs....
Let me know what you think.

Life with the Macbeths: Wonderful tune

I wish you were fun: Good tune and well: Fun

Scandinavian Design. Catchy, funny

Edith Piaf (said it better, than me)

"All That" from their new one. Superb pop/rock

Iphone, contains swearing.

Left out in the cold (Excellent)




Stravinsky's only hit


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