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I've been driving myself batty trying to remember the name of this particular website that I accidentally deleted from my bookmarks and history. I've tried every search engine out there using every search term and phrase I can think of. No cigar.

I'm hoping someone out there might recognize some things about this site and know the URL:

- The "main page" of this site shows an email sent to the site owner wanting to do a joint venture (promoting a product to his list, IIRC). This email is really amateurish and the site owner talks about how most marketers are bad at creating engaging emails and content.

- At the bottom of this page, is a link with some bait along the lines of "want to become a better writer/blogger/content creator then click here for a limited time offer".

- When you click on the link, you're taken to another page where he offers multiple packages/bundles for sale for content creation, blogging, info product creation, etc. These have the typical stuff: guidelines, templates, headlines, lists, tips, etc.

Ring any bells? I know this is a shot in the dark.

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