Human Resource Management Software?

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I guess my headline says it all, my brother is an HR Manager in the aviation industry and he needs a reliable piece of HR management software that can manage the data of up to 200 people. I have searched but can't find anything worth sharing with him or they are bleeding expensive, while he wants the best, cost is paramount during this crunch. He would also like to be able to at least test it free even it it will have limitations.

Here are some solutions he's eager to have the software provide:-

"A Human Resources database management program that tracks all pertinent HR data including training classes attended, wage and personal information, time off earned and used, and performance reviews due. A variety of reports are available to the operator. The AutoCalc feature calculates time off earned in five categories according to the user-defined parameters, vacation, sick days, personal days, and two user-defined categories. Registered users receive free upgrades for life (only cost is cost of media) and free e-mail support." - I got this off of another site that no longer provides the software

I would really appreciate any help guys,

Many thanks,


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