Has the warriorforum gone downhill?

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I still remember when i first stumbled on the warriorforum, i must have been in my late teens(a long time ago now lol!)...And i loved how vibrant and engaged the community was around internet marketing!

A few years later i eventually started selling my own wso's and products via the warrior special offers section of the forum. Around that point in time warriorforums wso section was lively with a simple layout and a constant flow of new faces interested in marketing and making money online.

There was very few issues with the forum back then if any at all, and the whole forum seemed to be run smoothly and efficently with very active mods who would reply to any pm's within 24hrs if not within a few hours.

it was truly a golden age for the forum in my opinion!...Which brings us to the present!!!

In recent times sadly i noticed a considerable decline in several areas, at first i thought it was just me until i was hearing other warriors and even some of my customers mentioning these things too.

Most of these issues included but were not limited to...

: Threads can take weeks to go live and pass moderation.

: it can take upto 1-2 weeks sometimes for mods or staff to reply to you via pm/ticket.

: Warrior special offer section has a different/modern layout with more offers on the first page and overall lower conversions and interest from visitors(i personally think the old layout was better and several warriors agree with me).

: The forum forces new customers(non-members) to add a phone number when buying a wso(customers have complained to me about this i havent seen this personally).

: Overall lack of care for members and their concerns especially when you factor in the above.

And several other issues that were also mentioned but dont come to mind at the time of writing this.

But one major issue that i've personally experienced in recent times, Is threads that im launching in the wso section can take upto 3 weeks to go live and be seen in the marketplace. And when i contact mods about this it can take them 1-2 weeks to even check my support email and pm's.
Now thats actually insane for it to not only take nearly a month for threads to go live but weeks to even get a simple reply&assistance from staff or mods!?

At first i thought it might be just the way im creating the threads as i read on the forum somewhere that if you dont fill in all the info when creating the thread it can go unseen by mods as pending moderation...

i dont know how true this is because i made sure to keep this in mind when creating my most recent threads in the wso section...But the same result with threads not going live for weeks and not so much as a peep from mods or support staff when i reach out.

I hope this is just a phase the forums going through and this isnt a sign of worse to come as several former and current members have said that the forum seems to be going downhill...

Well i hope this is not the case and the forum owner and mods see this post and can work out how to engage the issues mentioned above...Because im always going to have a softspot for the warriorforum for nostalgic reasons and am confident things will eventually turn around.

Thanks for reading!

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    I have to call BS on this list of complaints. Your only posts here are in your own Marketplace sales threads...you don't answer questions or offer advice. In fact, you haven't posted outside the WSO threads in 4-5 years.

    Don't know why your WSO is still waiting - but I bet there is a reason. Moderators do not approve Marketplace/WSO ads - Admin does. Mods do not answer help tickets - admin does.

    Your main complaint seems to be that other people aren't keeping the forum busy enough for you to sell your WSO products. Expecting a site to be the same as it was in 2014 is not realistic.
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      firstly chill out dude lol its not that deep, i would call them "observations" not complaints, and they dont just come from me.

      And its true im not very active and dont really post much in other sections of the forum(and have jested about this in the past on my wso threads)...How does that change the things mentioned?

      If you read this thread properly without getting emotional you will realise it isnt meant to bash the forum or mods, but mearly bring awarness to them about how some members feel.

      But your entitled to your opinion mate, so am i. You have a nice day and a happy holiday
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    Since Freelancer acquired the WF in 2014 - the year you joined - many long-term and regular contributors have voiced their concerns and given their opinions about how this place has changed. After eight years, it's probably futile to revisit them. But it's a fact that visitor numbers have declined in line with just about all other forum-style sites.

    I hope you won't find it too emotional if I point out that admins, not mods, approve marketplace threads, and that if you have an issue it might be a good idea to post in the forum's Help section (which the mods can see), as well as using the Help Desk function.

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    I don't think you're upset with the WF as much as you are with the whole marketing world in general.

    We're not where we used to be. FB ads and other nonsensical offers aren't selling funnels and get rich schemes like they used to. It's a trend throughout the marketing world.

    When you do a post and say you're speaking in part for your customers...I call BS. Your customers aren't bitch**g because they can't find your stuff.

    Don't blame the WF for the current state of the marketing world. Too many people have caught on to the nonsense and cheap "get rich" quick schemes.
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    firstly chill out dude lol its not that deep, i would call them "observations" not complaints, and they dont just come from me.
    Not a dude - a dudette. And the complaints DO come from you - you just didn't expect anyone to talk back.

    I agree you should have had an answer about your ad by now - but are we getting the full story? Don't know but I'm sure Enzo (admin) will check to see why the ad has taken so long.

    Emotional? Oh please - as a mod here for years, I've read it all - but the entitled attitude does you no favors. You joined during perhaps the busiest time the WF has ever seen - you've apparently done well with ads as you keep posting them.

    Difficult to find ANYPLACE online or offline where you can place a long running ad for YOUR product and not give a phone # or other identifying information. You know that.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
    It actually doesn't take much to be considered a 'difficult woman' -
    that's why there are so many of us.
    ...jane goodall
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    Well considering this is the only forum still even running. That I was involved in ten or more years ago.

    I think it's more a combination of the factors max and frank pointed out. A decline in forums in general and people who would have been drawn to internet marketing are now more likely to go YouTuber or social media influencers. Or a side hustle with Uber eats or door dash.

    The people looking for the laptop lifestyle where pushed out by the cult of the entrepreneur and hustle culture .
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    My own observation from someone that has lurked without so much as an account for years is that the number of active users has sharply declined particularly over the last two years. To me this is sad as it is the ONLY place like it. It used to be that other network marketing gurus would point their people here. None of the people I follow do that anymore. It's the only place for true newbies to internet business to get help and learn without cost and that's important. The decline in active users in my opinion harms everyone. My .02 anyway.
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    Other than the Marketplace threads go live usually within a few hours. During normal hours in the US, there are usually 2-3 moderators online at any time. As far as the Marketplace if a person posts a WSO on the weekend or Holiday weekends, they have to wait. It is stated in the rules that WSO's posted over the weekend take longer to approve.

    What others have said forums are not as popular as days gone by. When you joined a lot of the top threads at the time were about. Article Marketing, Adsense, Blogs ect. Facebook topics were just starting. YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok were not even discussed then. Add in the fact that a lot of the original posters here, have either retired, passed away, or left IM entirely.

    Speaking of the view of the Forum, the Classic version is still available. You can switch to that at any time. The Modern view is used because the majority of new posters are using mobile devices to sign up.
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    I sent Enzo (admi) a note so he will let you know where the ad thread 'is' in the process. Will probably be monday as he's not here on weekends and today is a holiday in his country.

    He'll sort it out.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
    It actually doesn't take much to be considered a 'difficult woman' -
    that's why there are so many of us.
    ...jane goodall
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  • Tellya, downhill is only a struggle if'n you cain't fall over in style.

    Plus also, most evrywan buckin' gripes & grievances are fallin' on their assholes now to stay sufficiently angry for fyootyoore generations to actschwlly frickin' care.

    My wise counsel?

    Be consistent in your presentation of whatevah you believe to be the FAYYUCKTS.

    You wanna be no megalomaniac, least'n figure your i from your I, or I AIN'T LISSNIN'.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    So, it seems you posted here first before reaching out to me via PM about your pending marketplace thread. If you reached out to our team on Deskpro, please provide us the ticket number.

    Also, forums in general have lower traffic. People have moved on to Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Twitter, et al. It's not just Warrior imho.
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