What's The Most Dangerous Activity You Ever Tried?

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I have three, never done since. Once was enough.

I went down part of the Colorado River in a Kayak for over 2.5 hours with a party of others. The water was very shallow and full of water moccasin's. I got caught on a sandbank and at one point the boat tipped over, never been in a Kayak before, never again.

I Zip Lined over a tree canopy on one of the Caribbean Islands. When we got back to where we started their was a sheer drop back to our starting point. Each of us slid down a rope we were attached too which braked just before you hit the ground. Never again.

I snorkeled off a Caribbean island. We were close to the Clipper Sailboat we were travelling on. I looked down at one point to see a relatively large shark swimming way below. Not something I repeated.

Interesting but potentially dangerous experiences. I was surprised that I agreed to do them.
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    Turns out using the cross walks when the walk symbol was flashing when I lived in Tucson Arizona was far more dangerous than it should have been

    My most dangerous work injury which I was lucky to not have any permanent damage. I was cutting stretch film off a pallet and it covered the end of the the platform I was on so I stepped on air and fell 8 feet hitting a concrete floor almost head first.

    Then it just the fun stuff that happens when you drive cars on ice and snow. Or ice you didn't know was there.
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    3. Class Five white water rafting on the New River.

    2. Marriage

    1. I took a french fry off of Claude's dinner plate.

    Raising a child is akin to knowing you're getting fired in 18 years and having to train your replacement without actively sabotaging them.

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      Climbing down the entrance to a massive cave in woods near my house. The entrance was 90 ft, pit straight down and using a broken fence I scaled down to the first ledge.

      Nearly crapped my pants I was so scared!!

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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      Marriage is the most dangeorus and daring thing to do.
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        It is not dangerous naturally, We make it own dangerous. It is up to us and our partner, to either make it happier or sad.
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    Me has to have been when l was about 10 years old and back then l loved matches or give me a packet of new matches and l was in heaven.

    So l thought why not go up to the haystack, (full of hay on a warm day) and light some hay and see what happens.

    So l lit a small amount near the haystack, and it took off with far more varosity than l thought.

    I quickly realized that being metres away from an almost full haystack, (this one had a tin roof and was about 10 to 15 bales high at the time) could have easily caught alight and put it out.

    After that scare l was more respectful of fire.
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    Absolute worst fear I've had was parachuting out of a plane....once a long time ago. I was tipsy when I agreed to do it (a friend was a skydiver and talked me into it)...I was too stubborn to admit how frightened I was when the time came. Do not jump out of a perfectly good plane...just don't.

    Most recent fright was a 'hike' in the mountains in Colorado 2 years ago with my 6'4" grandson who is half mountain goat. To me, a 'hike' is a walk....to him, a 'hike' is a climb. I don't like heights...but he was so proud of me for going with him I didn't want to disappoint him. We ended up sitting on a huge rock that hung out over a really tall cliff with him chattering about the mountains and me convinced I was going to die.
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    Wow this are some nice activities ,in my case i dont had this risky activities .

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