The Hype Vs Passion Influence - Why People Get Bamboozled in to Home Based Businesses Or MLM

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Be cautious not to allow your decisions to be influenced by so-called people with the newest, innovative, business opportunity. The techniques used to bamboozle you into these overnight successes are the same ones that leave you confused and thinking poorly about the industry as a whole.

I remember when I joined my very first MLM. I was fresh meat and really wanted to support my good friend. I wanted to be in control of my own financial outlook, but had no experience and didn't realize at the time, how much of a commitment I was intended to give to the business. I was bamboozled. As I continued to follow the "idea" of making money in MLM, it became apparent to me that I was heading nowhere. The hype had gotten to me, persuaded me to pay this fee, and now I was in some business that I had no interest in. So, what did I do after 6 months of paying a monthly fee to keep my friend happy, I quit. It became obvious to me that I loved what MLM had to offer, but I had to learn the difference between the "Hype vs. Passion" Influence.

The "Hype vs. Passion Influence" happens to hundreds of people everyday. They see Post-Launch businesses and big named professionals talking about their new business, so the foundation of choosing the right one becomes very confusing for the average person. This is HYPE, which lasts for so long before the person realizes that they don't have the will-power to make it work. On the other hand, those who have done their research, saw the need of the product or service, developed an interest in not only how much money they could make, but how they could help the people they would service. This is PASSION.

It wasn't until a couple years later, that I realized how important choosing the right business was FOR ME. I wanted to learn how to be a better marketer, the marketing tools needed, and how to be a leader for the team I was building. It became my endless PASSION to be the best and although many days I worked with minimal success, I kept pushing because I had finally found the passion for me.

So, how do you avoid the "Hype vs. Passion Influence"? First, do your due-diligence. Know your niche and market of interest. If you are not into make-ups and creams, don't settle for the hype. Be wise and realistic, steer clear of those opportunities. If you are a person who would rather work from home in your pajamas than dress up in a suit and do house parties, then look for the opportunities that allow you to set your own rules from home on your computer and phone. Also LISTEN! This is a quality that many people lack when they first get started. If what you see is not matching up with what is being said, then I would run. If you listen carefully, you will know who is best to work with versus who is all hype. This is shown in the way they posture themselves over the phone, on a video, or even in person. You know the gut feeling you get when you are supposed to avoid something or take that leap. Follow that intuition. We have it for a reason.
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    Good article, Selena. ...and all too true.

    Not saying this is the case for you because you sound pretty intelligent, but I have worked with newbs for 5 years now and been a newb myself of course.

    All of what you said above is often exacerbated by the 'high' -

    One of the first articles I ever wrote was when I came down from that high. I realized that there is an addiction to the 'thrill' of paying that fee - why? the promise of a possibility?

    What are the chances? 5%? ("95% fail") (because they quit trying when nothing happens instantly overnight without leaving their pajamas).

    I don't know, but I called it something like 'IM Biz Opp & Tool Addiction' - the 'kid in a candy shop' syndrome.

    Give me one of those, and two of those and 3 of those. I need one of these to make those 3 work, and and and. You can't stop when you are in the throws of this 'substance abuse' false euphoria.

    That isn't even the worst part - the worst part is the magical thinking - and a form of greed. I will get something for nothing. I will get more of everything than anybody else. I will become wealthy without working. This will happen instantly and be beyond my wildest dreams.

    The morning after the night before: What? There is no free lunch? oh drat, charge back.

    It is really sad actually. People want to believe and they do, and then it is a humiliating, crushing blow when they realize how foolish they were to believe in 'too good to be true'. Then they often lash out and blame the programs which actually may have been legitimate, but as I always say, 'no program works unless we do'.

    Yes, it really is sad. So are my credit card bills from that period, still with me after all these years!
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