Did Buying Beers Work?

by Asher
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I was just going through some really old PLR
stuff I got when I saw one of them talking about
the OLD Warrior Forum.

Back then, good posts get rewarded with a link
to buy them a beer via paypal.

Did it work back then? And... will it work if it
gets brought back?

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    I know its a relative big thing in the blogosphere. Johnchow.com is kind of big for beer buying, there are a couple other 'big name' bloggers that still use it.
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    You don't quite have it right. Posts weren't "rewarded" unless one member decided to send $5 to another member - and it wasn't something people competed for.

    The BAB link was a link to making payment for WSO's - or to make donations for a cause discussed here - or to thank someone for their help or advice.

    If you are asking "was it a money maker" - no, it wasn't unless you were selling products and using it as the "buy now" link in your WSO.

    That was then - this is now.

    Saving one dog will not save the world....but will forever change the world of one dog.
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    There IS a kind of reward mechanism NOW! The "THANKS" button. Hey, a credit is nice also. I almost wish we had it way back when I was ALWAYS here.

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    Ah, thanks for clarifying that Kay.

    Yea, I know it wasn't something competed for...

    It's just buying a beer to pay someone for a
    WSO, make donations or as you stated... to
    thank someone for their help or advice.

    I don't know if this is some stroke of J-enius
    but would the BAB function be something
    that might spark some really good threads as
    it did back then?

    There are still tons of great threads generated
    today... but would it spark even more
    quality threads?

    Or has that been replaced by the simple "thanks"

    (EDIT: As stated by Steve)

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