So i made some bombs last night...

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Bath bombs that is . They are about the size of a baseball, and smell of vanilla butter, basil/citrus, lavender and orange/lemon. They include shea butter and dead sea salts.

If you dont know what a bathbomb is, its basically a big ball of citric acid that is scented, colored, and when you take a bath you drop one in the tub and its sort of like a bathtub alka seltzer. It bubbles, smells nice, relaxes you and the dead sea salts are very soothing.
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    So send me the order link.

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      Originally Posted by KimW View Post

      So send me the order link.
      let me perfect them just a bit more. these are good, but they can be better i think.

      We are also trying to kick around a 'signature' bar. I notice that when you use molds, you look like everyone else, and those that do well in this type of industry are those that stand out. Last night my buddy and I made custom wood soap molds and poured a shea/coconut butter loaf. We're going to cut them up so that each individual bar is about 3" thick and 3x3 square
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    Man, I was like "you did what?"

    Weird stuff.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    You make a great headline writer. Have you tried your hand at Google adwords?
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    These arent untested, are they Micheal?

    We might have a few injured warriors; but you could still market them as bath bombs.

    But yeah man-hook us up with a link. We all have ladys in our life; I'd rather buy toiletries from a warrior than a bed bath and beyond.

    Plus I could get extra cred, and tell her they were slipped to me early by R&D from the nations greatest soap works company. The executive himself hooked me up. LOL!

    Sure you've thought of this; you should build up a mailing list in the domestic engineering niche (home makers) and ship out some miniature free samples with your url/product listings.

    If your prices are competitive, I guarantee you that will bring in the customers. You could even rent a direct mail spot in lieu of building that list. (Getting mailing addresses is a little harder than email opt-ins. Though you could always blast the list offering limited free samples to the first XXXX number of applicants.)
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    Michael, Your bath BOMBS sound delicious.

    When the FBI and HLS knocks on your door be sure to offer them a nice warm bath.

    LOL. sensational headlines all right.

    GT - bath BOMBS not balms

    Bombs because they explode with fizzies into your bathwater.

    I would like to take this opportunity however in reverse.

    When people say "you are the bomb" they are wrong - "you are the balm" is correct.

    as in balm is nice and soothing and healing.

    balms aweigh!
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    here are said bombs

    thats a quarter for comparison. the big one weighs about 2-3 lbs, about the size of a softball. The flash washes the color out, but purple generally sucks. it has essential oils in it that are lemon/lime/orange. smells very much like a fruit salad, but good though.
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      They sound fab. There's a company over here called Lush that does these, they call them bath ballistics. (I think you have Lush over there too)
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    Yes, there is Lush here. I've sort of used them for inspiration when it comes to bath bombs. Most people make little small ones, about the size of a golf ball, except for lush. They are the only company that makes large ones and that sets them apart.

    The soaps that we are making were your standard pour in a mold soap, but today my business partner brought in a 'test' bar that he made with a wooden mold that was probably 12 inches long, 3 inches wide and about 3 inches thick, pure shea butter. So using this company i saw on 'the oprah effect' i decided we cut that into just 3 bars. Our soap will be 3x3x3. Oversized bars of soap, oversized bathbombs, larger containers of dead sea salts.

    This goes along with the marketing standard of overdelivering.
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      Amazing how programmed we are sometimes - I saw the purple and a lavender scent immediately occurred to me.

      No rosemary? J/K
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    I started to make these with lavendar..thats why they are purple , but i'm using essential oils and sometimes they can be a little off. The lav. didnt smell right so i held off using it
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    Dude, you cant write.."So I made some bombs last night." LoL With todays terrorist scared world we all live in, you never know what people are going to do, or say anymore. Glad to hear your just taking a comfortable bath. Never heard of a bath bomb before, sounds interesting.

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    My girlfriend had a bath bomb so I chucked it in the bath expecting something hilarious while she was in there. It was equally funny and hillarious at the same time, nothing like watching a bath bubble up !!
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