For all Parents, Teachers, anyone who works with Children

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I'm sure some of you have already seen Animal School but it's so good I'm going to post it here.

Every parent, teacher, person that works with children needs to see this:

Animal School

Please take a moment to watch this and turn up the sound, it's amazing
#animal school #autism #dyslexia #special ed
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    Wow - that was beautiful - and so true...

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    Everyone is an individual.

    While the school system uses 1 teacher for 30 or sometimes even 40 kids, this problem is inevitable.

    Childeren get forced into a box of how they should be, and every time they're different from expected behaviour, they're punished.

    It's impossible to blame the parents, or the overworked teachers, but it's a sad indictment of the school system that so many students leave without the basic skills to grow and mature to their true potential.

    As for the bees: you gotta love 'em. Most of my best friends are "bees", and they're special people.

    Thanks for posting, that was awesome.
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      My wife just lost her job with children because she balked at putting them all in the same "box". This did not go over with those who designed that particular "box" .

      So now she gets to spend the days with this overgrown child--and while I bounced up against a few boxes, was never forced into one!

      Warehousing your children has never worked and will not begin to now.

      There is never a BAD time to help those living with lousy kidneys!

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        The owner of that site is a Warrior.
        In fact I turned that video into a screensaver for her a few years ago.

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    Of course in America we have the wonderfully misnomered program "No child left behind" which is Gov speak for "Nobody gets ahead". And they are done worrying about their boxes...they just drug them now. If I had a child, there would not be one person on this earth who could get me to send it to public education.

    That was a nice video, btw.

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