How do I get a "buy now" button into a WSO

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I've played around with varous configs, but am now lost.

I've created a simple pay-now button in Paypal, have its script but have no idea how to apply/upload it for a WSO page.

I can sort it out so that a link points to a separate page I've uploaded, but I'd like as few steps as possible and obviously many members have the buy-now button directly on their WSO page. Thanks
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    When you've made the button in paypal go to the email option, use that URL on the link of your buy now button.
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    Hi Ian,

    It takes a few steps, but it's not too difficult.

    1. Get the direct URL for the image hosted on your page. http://www,yoursite,com/buynow.jpg

    2. Click the "Insert Image" icon where you write your WSO.

    3. Use the direct URL from step 1.

    4. Get the e-mail code from PayPal, not the Javascript or HTML

    5. Highlight the newly uploaded image in your WSO.

    6. Click the "Insert Link" icon.

    7. Insert the PayPay e-mail code when prompted to enter the link.

    This will cause the image to be clickable and take the customer directly to PayPal.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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      Managed to get as far customer getting through to their PayPal account to pay.

      I shall be zipping whe WSO and assuming the next stage to be thus:

      1. I upload the zip to my cPanel
      2. Create a "thanks" page into my web editor, and a link to my saved/uploaded zip
      3. Choose option #3 in the PayPal "create button special features" list, to customise advanced features.
      4. Add the link to my "thanks" & "download here" page

      I think there's away to direct customers to download the zip from their email, but I'm don't see how.

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