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Right now i'm getting training on the new dell z600. Here are some of the nifty features.

1. Wireless dock. I can hook a docking station up to a big monitor, a projector, multiple monitors..etc, and stay connected with that system up to 1.5 meters away.

2. Wireless router. Obvious what it is, but the wireless router will also work with the wireless docking station. Right now we have four of the wireless routers in here and you can walk anywhere in the room and when you get out of range of one router, there is an almost seamless connection to the next router. Think of what you can do for presentations, streaming videos, streaming music..etc.

wireless charging. This unit uses inductive charging. No more plugging in a charger, just sit the unit on its charger and it starts charging

all kinds of interesting stuff on this new model.

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