So i got a new phone..and it scares the crap out of me.

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Im not one normally for tin foil hat wearing or watching for black helicopters from the gov't, but this new phone is friggen scary.

Right out of the box its tied into google earth and can show your position globally within about 5 feet or so. It has realtime tracking on google maps of your pposition. It can access facebook, i dl'd a free app that shows me where all the police officers in my area are located.

this thing is made for a stalker/pissed off ex/theif..etc. I have all the tools at my disposal on this phone to start a crime wave.
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    But reverse that....they have all the information to locate you within minutes.........

    and oh yeah, don't touch that little thing on the bottom of the phone...its a remote activated taser......

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      Originally Posted by KimW View Post

      But reverse that....they have all the information to locate you within minutes.........

      and oh yeah, don't touch that little thing on the bottom of the phone...its a remote activated taser......
      I thought about that too. And while im playing with my new phone i saw the new onstar commercial where the operator shuts down your vehicle remotely. so now they can find me and stop me remotely? not liking this.
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    along the same note...

    School Spying Case In Pennsylvania Liveshots

    The school webcam spy case continues to spark questions about student security and school administrators' rights in Philadelphia. Last week, a federal civil rights lawsuit was filed against the Lower Merion School District, its board of directors and the superintendent for allegedly violating the privacy of a 15-year-old student at Harriton High School by remotely activating the webcam inside a school-issued laptop computer. Now, the FBI has reportedly opened an investigation into the case to see if there were any federal wiretap or computer-intrusion laws that were violated.
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    yeah i mean its kinda scary...just the thought of privacy concerns, people knowing where you are at any moment. Yes this can be a blessing in some cases (say you crash and are stranded in the middle of nowhere) but the negative consequences are outstanding as well.

    Crazy world...that will only get crazier!!!!!!
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    Not only that but it's been proven and admitted now that the radiation from them can make you extremely ill - and the grid towers will, too - as well as mess with bees, and possibly migrating birds. Oh, yeah - and some of the wavelengths are addicted. Check what some of the US gov mind control patents can do with mind control with the things and I guarantee you'll drop your non-landline phone in the nearest trash can.

    I can't understand why people will consent to use these things and see towers put up everywhere. Make you sick, ruin the environment, control you and track you........and you actually PAY MONEY for such an item?

    We don't need no stinking 24/7 connection.

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      But Mike can you get a signal in your house?
      I love shopping for a new phone, after they go through the pitch of all the cool things it can do I ask them one question.
      Can I make and receive calls in my house?
      Most of the time that will stop them dead in their tracks.
      It seems it's easier to make a phone that will take pictures or track your movements then it is to make one that acts like a phone.

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    so far i've been able to make calls everywhere. and i just pulled a free app that lets me turn the phone into a WAP that can handle 5 different computers at one time.

    the whole reason i got this thing was just to take credit card payments. the rest is just junk
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