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Please help.

All I want is a small, simple messenger type of program, that my wife and I can use to message back and forth. I looked into both MSN and Yahoo messenger today, and they are HUGE installs. I want something small and simple.

What is your suggestion?


Twenty Twenty
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    A while back I needed to use IM a lot and I really liked Miranda:
    Miranda IM - Home of the Miranda IM client. Smaller, Faster, Easier

    Their motto is "smaller, faster, easier" so it might be just the thing for you and your wife.

    Simple, free, lightweight install, easy to add contacts and put them into groups, compatible with just about all the major IM networks through a single program. Active open source development and plenty of free plugins including Skype, Facebook, encryption, etc.

    It made the technology disappear so I could focus on the conversation. Feels just like using an old fashioned landline telephone, rather than a cellular doodad that keeps inviting you to fly the Space Shuttle.

    It's a portable app (just run it, no installation) so you could put it on a USB key and take it with you if you like.

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    A cell/mobile phone used in voice mode
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    You could use Google Talk.
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    To be honest I didn't pay attention to the install size but I use Digsby because it lets me be logged in to a bunch of different instant messaging accounts at once, which really helps with client contact. That way you can still chat with each other even if you have an MSN account and she has Yahoo, etc.

    Though I've found that the text messaging feature on my phone also works well and doesn't involve any sort of installation on my computer at all
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    Thank you all for your replies.

    I went with Miranda.

    Nice SMALL install.

    Quick to set up.

    Thank you, each of you!

    Twenty Twenty
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    I'd second Gtalk.. you don't even need to install it. It's there in Gmail, so you can chat in the browser.

    Haven't heard of Miranda though.
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    Gtalk would be great
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    +1 GTALK i use Gtalk to communicate with my partner and employees its simple and perfect for us.
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    The best is that it saves all your chats and you can use the pimp Google engine to search 'em later on.
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    Trillian is a great choice but I have started to use Digsby quite a lot now and I realize its much better. However, if you want simple then stick with GoogleTalk and GoogleChat, I am getting most of my clients to work with me that way because no install is required!
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    I use meebo .or ebuddy when I meet slow internet speed or when memory left on my C:\directory only left for view
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    +1 for gmail's built in chat... it wasn't available when I had to use instant messaging. I still like Miranda's ability to handle multiple chat networks at once, and to have an unobtrusive little notification window. But if your contacts are on a network that gmail chat can reach, that's a great way to go too with the searchable history.
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