CHEATING g/f DUMPED on LIVE RADIO (This is cold stuff)

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Wow, I could never do this for the simple fact I would never be able to date a chick in this country again if I pulled a stunt like this, I'd have to move overseas because it would be all over the news.

That said, I have no respect for somebody who promises monogamy and then goes out and cheats(In public) even after they discovered the engagement ring and realizing the other person plans on proposing, and not even telling them about it beforehand.

Now just before any of the ladies chime in with what a jerk this guy is, I am pretty certain that had this situation been the other way around, all the women in the world and on this forum would be praising her for it and encouraging her.

With that in mind, I dont feel so bad about laughing at this.

After all,

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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    Originally Posted by Laura Knight View Post

    First, I disagree that you can't trust a woman that says a man is only a friend. I have a couple of really great male friends that are like brothers to me...nothing sexual between us whatsoever!

    I've also had boyfriends who have women as friends who were just that...and I've been on the receiving end of a cheating boyfriend. It all comes down to trust and integrity. The important thing, IMHO, is to move on once this happens, because there's a good chance that even if it doesn't happen again, the trust has been destroyed.

    Second, while this was an extremely cruel way to go about it, I don't respect women or men that cheat on their partners that they're supposed to be monogamous with. She got what she deserved, (getting dumped) albeit in a rather nasty way. It would have been much better for him to do it in person. I daresay she'll think twice about doing this to another man!
    I dont agree with the radio hosts either that women cant "just be friends" with other guys, I am not that insecure or possessive.

    Originally Posted by Nathan Segal View Post

    I haven't watched this video, nor do I want to. Based on what I've seen of these threads, I'm not impressed with the man who did this.

    In my view, this is a cowardly thing to do. If you want to break up with your girlfriend or fiancee, have the decency to say it to her face. This method just plain stinks, in my opinion.
    The girlfriend is an innocent victim and has no responsibility to her boyfriend at the time to tell him of her indiscretions? She even lied during the interview and acted like she didn't know what he was talking about.

    I agree that this is a very immature way to handle this and I would never do it, however as I pointed out, if it was the other way around she would be praised by all her girlfriends and wanna-be boyfriends hoping to get into her pants for doing it.

    So I don't feel any real guilt laughing at this.


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    When someone is in love and they lose that love, about the only thing they have left for awhile is their ego. Take that ego and you are completely destroying that person. Cheating quietly is bad enough - but that bitch was out in the open where people saw her....she completely destroyed this man. He probably did his crying in the shower where nobody would see or know.......and the phone call was his attempt to at least regain his self esteem while knowing, or at least feeling people he knew are pointing and whispering because the person he had given his heart to trashing him around town like an old shoe. Seems she is the one who decided to make the situation a public one and he just followed suit. I don't feel one whit of mercy for that wench.

    I have many male friends that I would never dream of being physically involved with. I have been a roommate with men and never have we touched each other. To feel that someone has to want to jump someone else's bones just because they are the opposite sex is a pretty shallow view of humanity.

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    Wow, this is just ridiculous.

    First of all, the woman cheated --- and I don't condone any sort of cheating whatsoever. Personally, I think it's low because if it gets to the point where you feel like you want to cheat, it only means that there is something wrong in the relationship you're in. It doesn't matter whether male or female, I think the act of cheating is wrong.

    And I will say the same for calling it in live radio and embarrassing the other person for it. Again, the gender doesn't matter, it is the moral aspect of it that I find very disturbing.

    To assume that women would have praised to caller, had she been a woman is also a very cynical assumption that reflects on character. Needless to say, I am not quite impressed by it but we all are entitled to our own opinions.

    I have many male friends who I consider to be my "brothers" and I would never for the life of me imagine sleeping with them because it would feel like incest. Truly, they are like brothers to me and I do believe that people of the opposite sex can be good friends without the need or urge to "copulate".

    I did NOT find the call amusing. In fact, it was disgusting and in my opinion, they both have a distorted sense of morals so I would not laugh at it. The woman, or anyone one who cheats deserves to get dumped but I deem it cowardly to do it on air and not in front of her face.

    I remain that cheating is wrong and so is humiliation. I don't believe in "taking revenge" in relationships, even when the other person has done me wrong. I leave. That's it.
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    I listened to the entire interview and I think it's just sad and mean. I am against cheating too, but I think that the couple should have just talked about things on their own rather than humiliating themselves during a radio show.

    Let them eat cake!

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    thats sad. she didnt deserve that even tho she cheated.
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    I'll defer to Wil Wheaton on this question.

    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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    Was pretty cruel....but ...dead on.
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    This is plain wrong.


    But it was funny.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    Lesson to be learned:
    When you cheat, you must be prepared for the consequences


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    if you go to the website, there is a follow up call with that guy. Rather interesting to hear some of the callers.
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    This reminds me of a u.k one that happened a year a ago live but very funny as well,


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