YouTube would have loved this!

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I debated on whether I could post this - but it was so funnyy I can't resist. Would give anything to have a video of it!

Gracie the pooch was scheduled to be spayed Mar 22 - so of course about 10 days ago she went into heat. Put on your imagination and picture this....

Gracie is a golden brown pit pull - about 80 lbs

Jagger - the guy next door - is 1/2 Pekinese and 1/2 Jack Russell - about about 14 inches tall. He has a habit of sneaking under the fence from his yard next door.

I had taken a break and went to the back door to call Gracie in before I got back to work.

She was laying down and Jagger was doing his thing. Unfortunately I didn't notice that "connection" until after I had called my dog to come in.

Gracie immediately stood up which means little Jagger was sort of hanging around with only his front paws touching the ground.

Of course, this wasn't very comfortable for the little guy so he was yelping. Gracie, ever ready to play, apparently thought that's what he wanted to do (play, that is) so she began spinning around in a circle as fast as she could. It's the same thing she does with her rope toys though they are usually hanging from her mouth, not the other end.

She spun around 3-4 times with Jagger flying in the air totally off the ground behind her - still attached. On the fourth spin he went flying off and landed about 10 feet away.

It's been a long time since I have laughed that hard. Man, that had to hurt. I just missed my chance at YouTube fame!

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