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Hello to all of you who decided to read my intro.

I used to have a registered account here a few years back but god help me if I could remember what the user name and pass was. So I created an new Account. (hope the admin doesn't mind).

Never really posted here before, I almost always lurk in the background.

What changed is well simple.

I know enough about the internet and marketing to help others. so I should be at least a welcomed opinion. (I hope)

In the past to current. I have been a one man team.

My internet marketing experience
Managed several yahoo groups. (way back in late 90's to about 2005)
Community development on the web.
Affiliate marketing
Affiliate Management.
Business dev. consultation.
Brick and motor businesses going online... how to make it profitable rather than have a fancy sign.
Adsense (received a few checks)
Adwords / PPC CPA campaigns

Marketing in the Adult industry online. Mostly sex toys and occasionally selling memberships, but for the most part for the past 3-4 years I have found myself advising program owners on their website to increase sales, retention, marketing in a saturated market. Affiliate management. etc...

I gained some of that experience by selling a my script / program that helps webmasters running an adult affiliate program through ccbill (a credit card processor for adult sites).

IMHO to about every real business owner who is honest and trying to make a living in adult industry there is about 6-8 more who would rather scam, lie, cheat and steal.

What Changed to make me want to come here?
I am venturing in a new territory...

Creating my own info products and services.
I want to know other people who are marketing online. and well I want to be known too (once I make a good name for myself)
Tired of being a one man team All the time.

A little about me personally.
I am married have three step daughters (the youngest I'lll be adopting soon) Living in Michigan for the past three years. (it's where my wife is from we met online through a mutual friend) Prior to that I lived in Wisconsin and still consider myself a cheese head...

I have lived with chronic pain in my neck for years. At one point in time I had to receive state disability to get the medical attention I needed. I refused to accept or apply for disability with Social Security Disability. "I can still make money, I just can't do anything else" is what I would always tell myself and those close to me.

I know the restaurant business like the back of my hand. Grew up in kitchens cooked nearly my entire life even when I was making real good money online I still managed a kitchen/ cafe. Having hep step up 4 restaurants from the ground up ranging from truck stop, fine dining supper club, a mom and pop cafe to Family restaurant.. I can say I know the business.

This one little tid bit is my opinion that has been proven to me time and time again... to be true and most likely be one of the food service industries biggest secrets.
If you have a question in that area (food service) always feel free to ask me. If you are thinking about going into that business... ask yourself this one question ... Are you crazy? the truth of the matter is allot of people go into the business hoping to make money and become wealthy they won't and don't ... They may have full bellies and get the bill paid (tho thirds of the time but you will have no "freedom) Allot of food service businesses are created so the owner can have a place to eat they way they want and have little tax loss at the same time helping their community by giving others jobs

But I digress back to about me:
So Anyway...
Currently this is where I am at in my life.

I have been working as a lead Broil full time while doing my internet stuff. Not to bad IMO considering I would have months where I would make two to3 times the amount working the job as I would online. Most of the time it was about equal give or take about 200. Which allowed us to live a reasonably decent life...

But lately I haven't been doing as well As I would like... Allot of it has to do with the fact I slipped at work and mess up the middle of my back. I have been off work for over a month and the workmen's comp are contesting it and refusing to pay any compensation (decided to leave that to the lawyers). My stuff online... not doing so hot traffic / sales went down.

You would think that well I'm off work I should be making more money online. I know I thought the same ... I hadn't mostly because between the pain in my back the those damn pain killers (1500mg of vicoden every 4-6 hours along with 800mg Skelaxin 4 times a day.) I wasn't functioning very well. When I wasn't in very much pain I was as flighty as ten sheets in a spring wind.

Going through physical therapy. This week medication level is about half of what I had to take for pain . I am allot better but have a ways to go before I can pick up a plate and fling it in the window or tie my shoes in a reasonable amount of time.

All of that being said, over this past month I decided I am going to do / make more money online along with starting to create info products to sell online.

I am looking forward to being a part of this community / forum and meeting hopefully I will be welcomed and maybe be able to contribute a little too.
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    Oh I forgot an essential thing : My name is Joe

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    I guess this was to much information to have a at least one person to say, hi welcome to the board.

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    Welcome here. You put this in the off topic. If you write something stupid in here (just look at some of the posts in the off topic right now...)you will get TONS of responses. But if you write something relevant you will be ignored....examples:


    That's how it goes in this section, but hopefully not in the rest of the forum. And that is one longggg intro. Other people just come in and can barely write english, let alone form a sentence.

    You practically formed a book there. Well I am looking forward to see what you can actually write about related to internet marketing tips, as it sounds like you have dabbled in quite a few things.

    Also, do you have any info products or websites? Might want to start getting that set up in your sig now, so that afterward when things get going, you have it already there. Sounds like you could have alot to offer people!

    What are you specifically looking for from the forum here, as you mostly talked about how you wanted to contribute stuff now and have been lurking....?
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    Come on Forum, welcome this guy already cheez! What a crowd!
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    Hi friend, and welcome,

    I had same problem with my account, it was many years ago, and probably as you did, I tried all possible combinations of e-mails from that time and passwords, but I couldn't remember...

    wish you good luck.
    see you around.
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    Joe, Nice to meet you in WF and I can see you have alot of common sense, regular guy advice to offer.

    An offline business background is a BIG plus online, because just moving from a cubicle to online doesn't mean that you don't have to deal with people or work steadily with long days (sorry "4 Hour Workweek" fans).

    I look forward to your posts


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