Weird things that make me laugh

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I have some of the oddest guys working around me. Along with mr tramp stamp...there is a guy named Johan here who is all into metal. All you hear him talk about is metal bands. Not just hard rock bands, but nordic metal, which is some of the more hardcore metal being played. He's always talking about Iron Maiden, his metal band..etc..etc. Long hair, guitars..all that

I go out in the break area which is by the parking lot and here is the metal god in his car in the middle of the parking lot, windows rolled up and the radio at ear-bleed levels pumping out Journey - don't stop believing.

ok so maybe you had to be there..
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    ok so maybe you had to be there..
    Be there? I'm over 3000 miles away and can hear that obnoxious stuff from my front yard!

    There is never a BAD time to help those living with lousy kidneys!

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