My luck (or lack thereof)

by Andie
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Running close to a year of this now and my monitor has yet to spit money out at me (ha ha)...
Have had a couple of little checks come in --just not real recently ...and I woke up to this in an email today:

i don't have credit card... its there is any way i could pay my payment..
i only have paypal account...
pls reply me soon...

I have NO CLUE what they are talking about. Of course, it looks like it is from some kid and will go nowhere and I did reply explaining I needed some clarification on what they were wanting to purchase.

Just figures...someone finally wants to give me their money and they can't.
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    Hey Andie,

    Just hang in there...I have doing IM since 2003...I would get frustrated and stop my activity for awhile, then get drawn back in wishing I had kept plugging along.
    If you have made sales once, you can do it again and again and again!
    Best of luck!

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    Took me a few years to land my first dollar, too, Andie. It builds as long as you keep working and don't jump around too much. If this stuff is as new to you as it was to me there is one humongous amount to learn. If you are missing anything you need to outsource or JV, and networking takes time, too.

    Remember you are in a forum of marketers - who are marketing to YOU, too - so when you hear how simple and fast everyone can make the process for you, you are listening to sales pitches.

    Just keep working - pick out a main business to work on continually, and add a little side stuff as you need to - but keep building on your main niche instead of jumping all over if something doesn't produce immediately.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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      great information!

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    HeySal -- glad you have your connection now < i enjoyed that story!>

    The person did write back and the program they want to join only takes credit cards for sign up and they don't have one. I gave a couple of suggestions (prepay - paypal card) --we'll see. won't hold my breath ....still have that feeling it is a really really young person. A little downline here and there would be nice though LOL

    Andie (plugging along...)
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    Um...Thanks, Jack

    LMAO, Andie, Glad it provided some entertainment. I was not amused, myself.

    I've had people that actually were so afraid of Internet buying that they sent me checks instead of paying online. I just told them it would take longer as the check had to be verified before I'd send anything. Period. That hasn't happened often, though, and I really don't give a rat how I'm paid as long as there are bucks coming in. You'd be surprised how loyal a customer can be if you go the extra mile for them. Internet can sometimes lack that personal quality that good brick and mortar businesses have the ability to build. I try to make up for that on my main site - I know my contributing forum members, and when I travel to an area they live, I always attempt to set up a time to meet to say hi (or in my case, to go gem hunting). I talk with people in my forums rather than just moderate. I put pictures up in the photo gallery with the other members. And I do NOT have a list. I put my newsletter online and have no idea how many people have it bookmarked as a favorite - but I've had people reading for years now. Having a hacker shred my php took some wind out of the sales (pun intended), but things are progressing nicely again now.

    The more you can integrate ways for your viewers and members to come to know you, the more solid your business will be - that's why the fury about a list. I find if I put up a blog or article in a newsletter about a rock show I just attended does what several lists could not.

    Whatever you do - make sure you are hitting your viewers on as personal and individual a level as possible. IF you have to accept a check or money order from this person, do so. They will defend you as long as your product or membership has value.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    be patient and keep at it. Slow and steady gets the worm in my opinion. Just as long as you are having fun and see the big picture, you should be fine
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