Blast from the Past: Equinox and Bill Gouldd

by Sean Fry 7 replies
Were any of you guys involved in Equinox back in the day?

Well, I was. But I never bought $5,000 worth of product up front like others were practically forced into doing. What I remember the most about the company was Bill Gould and how amazing of a speaker he was. My "sponsor" or whatever she was (she was HOT - possibly a big reason why I was sucked into the company) would have me sit in a room with the lights off, and watch lots of videos of Bill Gouldd and other top managers giving these quite frankly, incredible speeches. It was almost like brainwashing sessions. Actually no, they were brainwashing sessions.

So I've been trying to dig up footage of Bill Gouldd and in particular, footage of the special that 20/20 did on Equinox, (If anybody has this, let me know) and I found this gem...

Check out the productions that they were putting on! Ridiculous...

Here's a good one, mostly because you can see the audience completely about "mass control" over your audience...

Now that's an example of one of his "light, easy going" speeches. I remember watching some video in the training room of some of his more "dark" speeches, where he seemed like he was coming from a very dark, yet powerful place. Drunk with power, perhaps. I can't find any of those however. Seriously diabolic stuff.

So, the story goes like this. Equinox did a sh*t ton of money when it was in it's prime, something like $200,000,000 a year. It was getting a lot of media attention. Funny thing is, their products were actually good. But things started getting bad when people were not making money, and being "coerced" into buying insane amounts of product. The company preyed on the desperate and poor. Many people even had to file for bankruptcy. Internally, the company was having major problems as well, and eventually the Government got involved and shut them down, and Bill Gouldd was prohibited from ever getting involved in a MLM business forever.

In doing some research on Bill Gouldd, I stumbled on his website

Evidently, he's launching some new "business" in two days, on 4/20...(no I am not involved)
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    I reluctantly admit that I was sucked into the Equinox scam just before I
    hit the Internet. I think the year was 1996. Later that year, I got my last
    job with Dezine Healthcare that I kept until I was downsized at the end of

    I did buy the $5,000 worth of product and sold like $200 worth to my mother
    and a friend of mine.

    It's a time of my life that I really would rather forget.

    Thank you so much for bringing up this hell.
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    LOL, sorry Steven!
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      Originally Posted by snowtiger View Post

      LOL, sorry Steven!
      It's okay. I met him in person too...many times. Once at the local office
      in Springfield NJ and another time at one of those rah rah sessions in Cherry

      Ironically, I said to myself (after months of failure) that I just wasn't a
      sales person.

      Oh the ironies of my life.
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    Originally Posted by snowtiger View Post

    Were any of you guys involved in Equinox back in the day?

    My "sponsor" or whatever she was (she was HOT - possibly a big reason why I was sucked into the company)

    Same with me. I was lured in by a super HOT sponsor named Rebecca in the San Diego office. This was a scam, but I really enjoyed working with her, and I often wonder whatever became of her...
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      Bill was a training genius.

      I remember coming back from a Vegas training and getting a lady to sign a credit app for $5000. She came back the next day to cancel the deal as her husband broke her arm. I left shortly after that.

      I did love the Shower Mate, Counter top Filters and Life's Essence.
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    What is this new opportunity. Wonder what the scam is this time?
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    Wow, I remember that company. They did have great products. I bought a counter-top filter for drinking well water. It worked really good.

    Hard to say what that guy is up to now. Tried to find out what the opportunity is, but one really has to jump through hoops just to see what it's all about.

    Not that interested.

    I found it even more annoying than that fad where one had to opt-in to a list for the privilege to take a look at the offer.

    Absolutely ridicules.


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