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Vinnie is honored to kick start this HAPPY BIRTHDAY thread for one of the true giants many of the greats have learned from.

Allen Says himself......speaks for many of us... in regards to this man..... as you can see in the thread below.


But let me be the first to wish my friend.... one of the true direct response marketing legends of all time....JF JIM STRAW.... the happiest of birthdays on this 24th day of April 2010.

I suspect those of you familiar with who Jim is.....are probably the same Warriors who are doing very well in your marketing careers. That doesn't surprise me in the least.

The word Legend is often used to describe the dead...or the once great. JIM STRAW IS A LIVING LEGEND.

In a career that has spanned over 50 glorious years, Jim remains very much alive, and in a class by himself....and definitely the Last of the Mohicans...cuz they don't make 'em like Jim anymore.

Not sure I have ever come across a more respected, beloved, and successful marketer with the LONGEVITY that Jim Straw has....so respected by his peers and his customers...many of whom have been buying from him for decades.

That's rather remarkable when you think about it...almost unheard of.

In this day of "flash in the pan, get rich quick gurus" who come and go....on a daily basis....Jim Straw has done it "his way" for over 50 years....and the results speak loud and clear.

Jim Straw has generated over $400 million dollars and counting in a career that started long before there even was an internet....a self made millionaire before most of today's guru's were a gleam in their respective daddies eyes.

He continues to make money with honor, integrity and wisdom.... based on "doing it." Not just writing about it. That's the difference between a true legend....and a hit an run information marketer.

Jim aint ever gonna be accused of being sexy or flashy. Fact is.....he doesn't need to be.

His career and results speak for themselves....and are pretty much untouched in terms of any marketers alive today.

There has been little in my life I can honestly look back on and say I was really truly proud of.

The day Jim Straw wrote me and told me he wanted to promote my Barter Arbitrage course was one of the few exceptions. It is a day I will never forget....because it was Jim Friggin' Staw!

I have since gotten to the know the man I bought my first marketing product from nearly 27 years ago.....as a kid living in Anchorage, Alaska.....and I continue to learn from him all these years later. (Damn we're both getting old, JS!)

Sylvia and I have been honored to have Jim as a friend and partner.

So Happy Birthday to the ol master.....who I gave up trying to "stump" about 25 years ago! lol.

As threatened.....Vinnie and Sylvia will be hitting Georgia next month....and we're dragging you out of that 18 bedroom mansion you live in......before you end up getting lost in that monster maze of a crib!

And hey Jim...FYI.... I'm bring Glen Turner's parrot with me....just to keep you and your desk company!

Happy Birthday my friend.

Thanks for all you've done...and all you'se do.

Vegas Vince
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    Thanks for the head's up, Vince.

    Have a happy birthday, Mr. Straw.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Thanks for bringing this up Vinnie!

    Having worked with Jim a while back on an old membership site I had that he promoted, I can tell you that the man is a true gentleman and his material to this day is as good as gold.

    Every day I sent him an affiliate payment, without fail, I'd get a "thank you" email from Jim and I was very surprised. For someone of his stature, I figured he'd be way to busy to have time for the little things, but I was wrong.

    Happy Birthday Jim and keep doing what you do, we are still watching, listening and learning!


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    I got to say I was initiated in Mr Straw many yeasr back and its always interesting.
    Happy BIrthday.

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      Happy Birthday Jim. As said a true gent and a real 'down to earth' guy.

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    Happy Birthday, Jim Straw!

    You're a true gentleman and a genuine
    living legend of direct marketing.

    : )

    Best regards,

    Brian McLeod
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      I hope you have a wonderful day. You are truly one of the greats in this business and not just for the amount of sales you've made. Icons like you who stand out for honesty, integrity and good old fashioned ethics are too rare in this industry.

      Happy birthday!

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    happy birthday..best wishes for u...and be happy in future..
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    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many more to come!

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    A very happy birthday to a wonderful man, who I am honored to have worked with, communicated with and learnt from.

    Best wishes,
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    Happy Birthday Jim, I hope you have a great Birthday and many more to come!

    I always look forward to your words of wisdom, and your many years of experience you share with all of us.

    Best Wishes,

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    Happy Birthday, Jim. 50 years in marketing....plus the years leading up to it....that's.......um..........wow, burning permits must be easy to get down there in the South!:p

    Hope your day was incredible and that you stick around a LOT more years. We need your type of quality example of what we CAN be if we keep our values straight.

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    Beyond the Path

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      Happy birthday, Jim.

      A lot of people get called a gentleman, but not many deserve it the way Jim does. A class act, all the way.

      Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    Aw shucks.


    Having spent over 50 years in business; doing business successfully, J.F. (Jim) Straw now shares "Practical Instruction in the Arts & Sciences of Making Money" at the Business Lyceum. -- http://www.businesslyceum.com

    Who is J.F. (Jim) Straw? -- http://www.businesslyceum.com/JFStraw.html

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      Happy Birthday, Jim!

      And may you have a ho'bunch more
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