Looking for any warriors with a heart or who have children...

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Hello Warriors. I do hope I don't get flamed by the MODS for doing this but I decided to try anyhow. Firstly let me say I am not looking for money but I am looking for help. If you have children or a warm heart then you will appreciate what it is I am trying to do.

There is a 12 year old child in Guyana(South America) and has been diagnosed with a brain tumor that has grown considerably over the last month. He has not gotten any care and has seen doctors who have given him Tylenol for the pain! He got a CT SCAN/MRI which revealed the tumor.

There are no neurosurgeons in Guyana and this child's health continues to rapidly deteriorate. I have been in contact with Childrens hospitals in Toronto, Boston, Pittsburg and Californa and am awaiting a response from them as the case is currently under review. I have been notified by the Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh that they can and are willing to treat this boy but the cost for this surgery will be $101,750 which includes a 35% discount! This is a poor family and they cannot afford that large amount of money.

I am posting this here in the Warrior Forum with the hopes that some fellow Warriors can help spread the word about this family's plight. If you know anyone in the media please put them onto this story. If you are a web or graphic designer and are willing to help me put up a site to help spread awareness so I can provide updates about his progress please PM me. If you use twitter please visit the links and tweet about this story or DIGG it. I am writing here to publicize Clinton's situation to bring awareness within our community with the hopes that we can come together to help save this child's life.

He has already lost vision in one of his eyes and the second eye is deteriorating also. His parents now must lead him around as he is bumping into things due to his diminished vision.

I am including 3 links to articles about this story for you to view.
So I beg all of you reading this....if you have children....if you have a heart please help me spread the word so we can save this child!

Stabroek News - PC first former diagnosed with brain tumour

Stabroek News - Condition of child with brain tumour worsens

President?s College student needs help : Kaieteur News

Thanks for reading and caring.

Ryan H.
#children #heart #warriors

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