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by gareth
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You guys might dig some of these pictures of weird clouds from new zealand

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    Beautiful. Thanks for the pics, Gareth!

    I have seen the first ("mushroom cloud") type one before myself, driving between Banff and Jasper (Alberta, Canada), although I suspect it was smaller than the one in your picture. I was really afraid! I thought maybe it was something more serious than just a weird cloud formation...

    How come all the sheep are staring at the camera-person? I've TRIED to get a flock of sheep to pay attention to me and all they cared about was the yummy grass they had to eat...
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    sheep always do that here - I thought it was normal

    Have to admit in some respects I love New Zealand.
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      Absolutely beautiful!

      Sheep are such hams, aren't they?
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    What a beautiful country. I'd love to visit.

    Mountain goats will sneak up behind you in a bunch and when you turn and see them they will stand there with those silly grinlike expressions as if they were all talking and making a joke about the stupid looking thing with the two legs. Pretty funny. I've never seen em pose en mass before though. Someone might have told em that it was their class picture.

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