My son is an Eagle Scout

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I've always been very proud of him, but last night the Eagle ceremony was my proudest moment as a dad.

That said, here's a little story:

A young boy says he wants to play football.

He takes his son to Pee Wee football and volunteers as an assistant coach. He teaches his son how to throw and catch a football, working with him on nights and weekends to improve his skills.

As the years go by, the boy moves up through Middle School age football, and his dad is right by his side every step of the way. Eventually his dad even steps up as the head coach of the team to help encourage his son to stick with it and to be the best player he can be.

In High School, the boy just keeps getting better - in no small part thanks to his dad who continues to help him train, running with him and even being his weight-lifting partner in the garage.

Finally the boy goes to college. After a couple of years on the sidelines, he gets put into the game. He makes a spectacular play, and as he heads to the sideline to be congratulated by his teammates, the TV camera moves in for a head shot.

The young man turns to the camera and says...

"Thanks mom."


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