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Now that I've lost 85 lbs and have run a 10K, my next goal is to do 100 consecutive pushups (decided on that goal after seeing the site below - I'm on W3D2).

one hundred push ups

I'm also challenging all of the Boy Scouts in the Troop to do the same.
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      On my own I've been doing push-ups, pull-ups, and running.

      I don't think people will gain strength so fast in 6 weeks
      in order to do 100 consecutive push-ups.
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    Man I remember being able to do more than 1000 and then stopping because I was bored so I don't know how many I could have done. Now I'm lucky if I can do twenty. That's what being sedentary does.

    You'll get to 100 and you can pass it too. You'll see.
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      That's nothing -- I can do 100 fork lifts in just 3 minutes!

      The worst of the exercises is sit ups. I said years ago that I would never ever do a sit up - and I don't - but I do a lot of leg lifts, LOL. If you are even near a normal weight, 6 weeks is plenty of time to get back into shape if you are at a younger age. Now at 53, I would be afraid to have to try to get it back if I let it go. It's getting hard enough to keep stuff where it is supposed to be - it would be just frightening to have to put it all back there.

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        Probably the hardest combination is what we used to call in the Army "*******s"

        You start off in the prone position, do a press-up. Then pull your legs under your chest and do a Star jump, shouting "*******!!" at the same time.

        When you land, crouch and thrust out your legs and start again... It works out all the major muscles in one session, thighs, back, Abs, shoulders and chest.

        I still do 20 of these every morning, it gets the blood pumping for sure

        Mind you, I have to whisper because of the neighbours LOL

        Well done on losing that weight and doing a 10k Kelly....
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      Originally Posted by espacecadet View Post

      Sal, try hanging upside down more than standing up and everything will go right back where it came from...
      Or go temporarily blind, if yer not wearing a Bra
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        100 pushups? You wussie. I've done thousands of pushups over the years.
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    I lost 75 lbs after my divorce and I got up to about 70 pushups at a time. I did it a couple times a day. I was also swimming about 40 laps a day too.
    This year I'm down to about 40 pushups and 20-30 laps. But I ride my bike alot more.
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    I can do 46 consecutive push ups... but I'm also a big dude.
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    The cool thing about this program is that each day is no harder than the first - the only really difficult pushups are the last two.

    Yes, I feel and look like a different person. I'm not sure if it's the exercise, my diet, the volume of water I'm drinking, or just my genetics, but I don't have the loose skin so many dieters have to deal with, either.
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    Good luck reaching your 100 mark! Personally 100 pushups is too much to me, I am happy with 10 :-)
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      Nice thread.

      100 push ups isn't that difficult. But different people have different goals, good luck!

      I can't do even one push up now, lol. Kidding.

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        The worst of the exercises is sit ups.
        I used to belong to a fantastic gym in Atlanta - and overdid the workouts. I had to eat almost 24 hrs a day to keep weight on.

        I did situps on a slant board - about 300 or so a day. Had to slow it down as I was developing muscles a man would be proud of - that much muscle definition looks a bit weird on a female (at least I thought so).

        Now I just do stretching, cardio and a bit of strength exercises. Don't have a membership - and I MISS the steam room!

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          I think doing 100 consecutive push-ups is not so easy,
          especially when you touch your chest to the floor on each one,
          and your hands are slightly wider than shoulder width, like bench press.

          There are some videos on youtube showing 100 push-ups,
          they do half-pushups and rest in between.

          When I get to 100 REAL consecutive pushups I'll post it on youtube
          and sell my report how I did it.

          Right now I'm up to 45...
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