GI Joe The Movie or Transformers 2?

by yuri12
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Which movie is coming sooner than the other? Anyone here a big fan of the old cartoons and Hasbro toys? Youtube is just flooded with "wiseguys" who just get a kick out of making anyone watch their trailer clips when in fact they're all fake! But there is one particular trailer for the Transformers 2 movie and GI Joe sneak preview clips are nowhere to be found. If anyone knows a great source of sneak preview clips, just post it here! Now we know, and knowing is half the battle!
  • Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen comes out June 26, 2009.

    G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra comes out Aug. 7, 2009.

    No trailer - teaser or full - has yet to be released for either film. G.I. Joe only has still shots of some of the characters released to the media. Transformers 2 only has some behind-the-scenes footages distributed.
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    I'm not too sure on which I would want to see more.. Probably GI Joe The Movie.. mostly because of what meche said. Can't wait to see what happens next summer with these two movies!
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      I've seen a few snapshots of the GI Joe actors playing in the movie and the storyline is in the near future, when a new threat arises that is Cobra. For sure they will make a trilogy out of this movie like the Transformers, but it depends on the success. I remember the cartoon movies like the Transformers wherein there were a lot of death involved but the GI Joe cartoon movie didn't have dead characters. Duke was just hospitalized. And Don Johnson was playing Falcon. I hope that Dennis Quaid can carry this movie as General Hawk.
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    Gi Joe is gonna rock! I used to play with those things in the early 80's and have huge battle fields set up in my friends living rooms. Seems like yesterday!
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    Have you guys seen the GI Joe PSA's that were remade. LOL NSFW.

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    Oh no, once my husband catches with of the GI Joe movie I'll never hear the end of it
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      I'm sure the ladies will enjoy the movie as well. But not as much as the "little boys" who reminisce about their collections.

      Damn, I really miss my Snowcat Vehicle and the driver Frostbite action figure! So who collected action figures here? The very first GI Joe action figure that I got was Flint with the standard backpack and a shotgun (sheesh, and you see him using laser blasters in the cartoon series, hahahahaha!) And then I got that Laser artillery (which was pretty much exploding in certain scenes in the cartoons).

      Funny thing about the cartoon series is NO ONE DIES, they just escape in time using parachutes or just ran off before vehicles or artillery explodes. And I love the Dreadnoks action figures, they can change their skin color when exposed to the sun! They even sound Australian in the series! LOL!
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