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I guys I really need some help.

My husbands bike (and only form of transport for work) blew up yesterday and there is no way for him to get to his airport job (cause of the shift times public transport wont work).

We cant get loans of any description as he had an IVA a few years back and even though it is paid off it is still on his credit history.

I NEED to make some VERY fast money. I thought about selling my main website but as i cant get it to budge off page 3 of google its not worth nything.

Any ideas? I am desperate
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  • a few, all with low ranked sites on them. Typically my best ranked site was an affiliate site for Traffic Geyser but they are no taking new subscribers lol
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    • Originally Posted by rajputamit View Post

      We quite literally have NOTHING to invest in anything. I can do SEO but have never done it for anything other than my own sites so not sure how god it is, I also wouldn't know how to go about getting the work as I have always done it myself
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    How much is a bike where you live?

    Can your husband ask his boss for a shift change until your next pay check?

    Is there a free site like Craig's List where you can post ads for a ride to work, he'll pay for gas?

    Is there an employee's lounge at the airport where he could ask to "car pool" (share a ride), he'll pay for gas? Is there a bulletin board by a time clock?

    How about you contact local churches and charities and explain your situation?

    Can you contact the bike shops and trade your web services for a used bike? Can you work out a rent to own, or something similar? Be creative.

    Do your any of your sites have PageRank? Links? Age of domain? Pages indexed?

    You're a marketer...Just get the word out in as many places as possible and something will happen.
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    BTW it could be argued that an IVA is NEVER paid off! The idea is usually to pay less, or pay it slower, so the underlying debt is generally not paid off. Creditors agree on less debt, in the hopes that the outcome will be better than it would be otherwise, and creditors that don't respond are bound by it.

    APPARENTLY, according to wikipedia, it stays on the credit report for 6 years. I heard 7, so it will be on there a while.

    HECK, a credit card payment that is late by 15 days could stay on your credit report for TWO YEARS!

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    • Originally Posted by Hanz View Post

      Yeah, her website has some great ideas. Like the babysitting idea. Try that one!
      I got married a few months ago which says it all tbh >.<
      I only moved back to this city at the start of the year and don't know many people here, most of my friends were from uni and still live that kind of lifestyle I also have a kid of my own so looking after other peoples children difficult especially as my husbands hours make it impossible to do anything regularly sometimes he starts work at 3am and other times he will be finishing at around that time.

      Originally Posted by sarahberra View Post

      Honestly It it takes a really long time to make decent money online. You can try to make immediate income by getting a job with a content company. Demand Studios is hiring writers. www.demandstudios.com

      Good luck.
      I will give this a try thanx, I haven't heard of them before.

      Originally Posted by article_ghostwriter View Post

      Perhaps you could sign up to Freecycle and place a Wanted ad for a bicycle.

      On the Freecycle site for my nearest city, someone in a similar position to you posted a Wanted ad for a car last month. They explained their story, and someone actually gave them a car.

      Good luck to you and your husband; I hope things start to go your way soon.
      I have tried these, not sure about yours but ours wont let you write in information like that, they only want to hear what you want and you have to wait a month between adding similar posts.

      Originally Posted by seasoned View Post

      BTW it could be argued that an IVA is NEVER paid off!

      It's an evil thing! My hubby spent 18 months working as a civvie in Kabul to pay it off and the damn thing is STILL causing us problems. He is unfortunately now looking to go back out there to sort out the money troubles.
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  • I kurt and ty for the suggestions. My partner works at a small airport and is the only person in his department that lives in this area and due to his shift patterns there is no way to carpool unfortunately.

    I like the idea about swapping web services so we are going to give that a go.

    Please keep the ideas coming guys and tyvm for the help
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    One little bit of advice. Don't display your email address like that. People may start spamming you like crazy.

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  • its actually my spam mail box and i cant get it off there >.<
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      Use the help desk link and request it be changed to a different forum name or your own name. They'll fix it for you.
      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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        pamshalligan...didn't you write the "mymakingmoneyideas" site?
        Maybe you have spent all the money already...
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          Originally Posted by pickthat Apple View Post

          pamshalligan...didn't you write the "mymakingmoneyideas" site?
          Maybe you have spent all the money already...
          Yeah, her website has some great ideas. Like the babysitting idea. Try that one!
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    Honestly It it takes a really long time to make decent money online. You can try to make immediate income by getting a job with a content company. Demand Studios is hiring writers. www.demandstudios.com

    Good luck.
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    I'm a CPA marketer and there are plenty of ways to make money right away with CPA offers, but normally commission checks dont come for a while, so that doesnt really work for you.

    Perhaps offer a service either here or at fiverr.com. Not sure if they paypal you the money right away, but its an option.

    Write articles for people, that could get you some cash.

    Sorry to hear about your predicament
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    Drive traffic to some instant commission offers. Sales go straight to your Paypal account from which you can withdraw what you need.

    “Strategy without action is a day-dream; action without strategy is a nightmare.” – Old Japanese proverb -

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    Hi Pam,
    Sorry to hear you're having this problem. I know how it is to be so low on funds.
    You've had some good suggestions in this forum, but I'll add a few I've thought of, or used myself more than once.
    Do you have children? If so, call all their friends' parents and offer to babysit or keep their children for a week-end so they can have a romantic time together. If they don't need babysitting, ask if any of them are having a birthday or special event soon, and offer to plan and supervise a party for them.
    Ask around your area if you can do lawn work or gardening, if you're able, or walk someone's dog, or "pet sit" or "house sit" for someone going on vacation perhaps.
    I'm sure you've thought of the obvious, such as asking relatives to spot you a loan until you get on your feet again. Or sell things out of your home that you can do without.
    Sell on eBay or Craigslist for some instant cash.
    If none of this helps, keep posting in forums and someone will surely come up with other good ideas.
    Good luck to you.

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  • Thanx for all of the great ideas by the way. The help really is appreciated.

    Do you think it is viable to turn some of the content of my site into an ebook to sell. I have been creating ebooks from the content but so far only as a way to create back links to my site. I have stayed clear of actually selling anything for 3 main reasons

    1. I cant do copy, all of my writing is like me, short and to the point
    2. I can't work out how to make a decent squeeze page partly cause of the problem with copy
    3. To be honest I just don't have the confidence in my writing or ability to try to sell anything.

    I also didn't want to waste the money signing up to something like clickbank only to have it fall through.
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