UFC 116: Lesnar vs Carwin....Your pick?

by lilhay
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Here is the break down...both are great wrestlers but Shane Carwins hands are more devestating. This can go either way.

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    I haven't been following caged fighting for a while. Which one is the better wrestler, if you really had to pick one?
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    My money is on brock, but you're right, it can go either way.
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      Originally Posted by IM Headlines View Post

      My money is on brock, but you're right, it can go either way.
      I was thinking Brock, also, but only because they mentioned he's got speed.

      I haven't seen either.
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        I'm taking Carwin. He's been the active fighter whereas Lesnar is coming into this fight with a year of inactivity, not to mention having had a major health scare. Plus I don't think Lesnar really knows how to move his head yet. His boxing technique is suspect.
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    Brock is a monster!
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      Carwin all the way, period.... can it go either way, well ya, but imo Carwin has better skills, and he's very quick and precise. Brock usually tends to get sloppy even though he's quick. This is the 1st time he's going against someone that has the skills and SIZE to challenge him, and Carwin has explosive power. And he can take a hit, Gonzaga got a lucky smash punch in and broke his nose and it didn't phase him, he clobbered Gonzaga right after that. Randy Couture was able to slap Brock around and he's no where near the power or as good a striker as Carwin.
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