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Hi Warriors,

Here's the gig; My wife and I are moving back to Florida from Kentucky
and need to sell our house... Bleh!

My dilemma is that other than the MLS listings and Craiglist, how or where
can I throw some ads or make a quick website about it to get more peeps
to see it?

We've had open houses that draw minimum people (2 or 3 at best) and have
redone EVERYTHING in this house and EVERYTHING is new.

If anyone has any thoughts I would greatly appreciate them, as it stands,
we are priced below what we owe and will have to write a $15,000. check
to walk away from it.

Thanks all
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    my house has been on the market 5 months now.....9 viewings 1 offer which fell through but back to square 1. Everyone keeps saying "I have never seen a market like it..."

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