I Wanna Be A Modulator!

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Good news... I have taken it upon myself to become a modulator here in the dadburn Warrior Forum!

I have always wanted to be a modulator since I was knee high to a pissant! They get paid mighty fine money and... do what? What do you mean they do not get paid anythin? Well, that shore does not matter much! I am still interested!

I want to be a modulator cause of all the respect they always is gettin and... no respect? Whose britches you tryin to crap in... course they get respect... don't they? Well, respect is highly overrated anyhew!

I want to be a modulator cause they has a purty easy job. All they have to do is sit around and... they do NOT have to work... do they? Are you foolin with me... the Warrior Forum can sometimes be just like the wild west frontier? Shewt, I always was a thankin that this here WF was just like On Golden Pond!


Ohhhhh, wait a dadgum second... I KNOW WHY THEY IS MODULATORS! I remember readin that Mr. Says gives all the the dadburn modulators in the WF a free donkey. THAT'S IT!

I want to be a modulator in the WF cause I want one a them there free donkeys. If you will let me be a modulator, I will be really nice to all them folks who do not give the modulators respect! I will do thangs that will make them disrespectful folk be nice to everyone. Hey, I got it... I ain't NEVER met no one who did not like donkeys! If I ever get to be a modulator, I will bring my donkey into the WF and I will let all them disrespectful folks just kiss my... Well, heck, I forgots what I was a gonna say! Never mind!
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    Nice darndut.

    I find the best moderators are the ones that I don't know are moderators!
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    Ooooh Being a modulator seems to be far more attractive than being a moderator aye

    We get free donkeys yay!
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        Thaddeus -

        I think you need to talk to Mr Says about the cruelty to animals involved in being a modulator.

        You may think of it as a free donkey, but if you bring it to work here that poor Ass gets kicked and kissed all day long. It's just not right.
        Every child needs a pet because every family needs an optimist

        Saving one dog will not save the world....but will forever change the world for one dog.
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    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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      lol... I really really REALLY needed this right now. Thanks

      Right Now. What a wonderful time to start!

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        I never done been modulated by a Hogg on a donkey before. I be looking forward to this new stymoolashun.
        Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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    Bring your donkey right on in! He may talk more sense than some folk's on here!

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    Now why would anyone want a free donkey when thar is plenty a' jack asses right here for free?

    Plenty of nice folk too, but no shortage of them jack asses
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    Well, I've PRETENDED to be a MOdulator some times, just to see if I could, etc... or to check out the DEModulator. I GUESS you could read the screen, and play the part. That must be neat. It IS a waste of time though. 8-(

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    yeah boy...

    I hear romantic banjo music in the distance...

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    rofl this just made my day...thanks
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      Modulator answers whiner.
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      Ah hope ya all realize that donkeys be havin Chiclet sized teeths and hairy upper lips and prickly chin hairs!

      Ah shore don't wanna be any wheres round em when they start that bellerin, the thawt and mind pitcher of that'll gimme nightmares fo sho!

      I hears their bites is bad, but round the WF, I thinks their barks (neigh-sayin) is worse than any bitin!

      I don't be thinkin that havin them thar donkeys is all y'all make it out to be.

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        I remember readin that Mr. Says gives all the the dadburn modulators in the WF a free donkey.
        No, no, no. It's not donkey, it's jackass. And you don't get one for being a modulator. You don't get to be a modulator unless you are one.

        Don't they teach you nothin' down there in the holler?

        Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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          Thaddaeus T. Hogg you have my vote...well if this were one of those cast your opinion thangs held bout every 4 years. Least I cans do is nominate cha'

          All this talk about jackasses reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in the Peaceful Warrior where Socrates gets to rename Dan the name "Jack" for the night.:p

          Also, a quote I like from the movie for all the warriors here--
          A warrior does not give up what he loves. He finds the love in what he does.

          And, Thaddaeus, I would say that from what I read...you definitely find love in what you do.

          I CHOOSE to re-create MYSELF anew every single moment and experience the GRANDEST VERSION of the GREATEST VISION I have about WHO I AM!
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    A very apt post, currently thrown into moderating a forum that has had the paid link posters going mad before i arrived, they do not seem so happy lately as i clear out the rubbish, i am sure some have auto posting scripts ? they just post spam anywhere at any time.

    It's like shelling peas they log on make another spam post, i detect it am bam the lot is gone in one hit as i delete every existence they ever had.

    more keep coming back but i am sure they will get the message soon.

    thanks for the laugh.


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    The group owner only can confer that privilege on another member. So, if you think you can contribute, contact the group owner. Best wishes.
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