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Hello Everyone,

I have been silently lurking for a long time - not for any selfish purpose, but simply because you guys are THE forum and are somewhat intimidating

At this point I don't know where else to turn and hope it is ok if I post this here. Recently I have been really struggling and trying to be an Internet Marketer, and failing miserably I refuse to give up but we are quite literally headed for the street (I'm not going into a whining tizzy - not here for that and I have a very positive attitude - Just will not give up!)

I've read so many books and followed so many plans, but I am doing one thing consistently - Advertising everywhere.

Recently I added a forum to my website, but its blank and I just don't know how to get it started at all. I wondered if some of you could post there for me - anything topical - or even give me some advice.

I realize that people are charging now-a-days But we honestly have nothing left to give. I'm disabled - cant work - hubby's working hard - my little ones depending on us - and I need some advice to get me going. Someone who is not going to try and sell me something - please - I mean that with respect and am not asking for absolutely anything free except a few posts and some advice (beyond get a website - I have several very good ones & get an auto resp. got that too lol) I'm just reaching out.

Please forgive the long post - this is NOT meant to be a feel sorry for me message - I Do NOT want that - I am working night and day everyday and I mean that literally - I'm very disabled and live in pain but am probably one of the most positive people you'll ever meet. But I cant even give stuff away - feel so rejected and literally cry every time I check email!!

Please help. Thanks so kindly in advance. Can I post the link to the forum?
I don't want to break any rules -

Craigslist banned me for trying to sell an ebook and giveaway stuff
#cant sell #empty promises #need help #please post #thread bare
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    Just a quick PS - I did have a different warrior name but it would not let me post I have been reading posts since Feb. but never tried to post because I've been snapped at or made fun of in other forums.

    Like I said I have no idea what to do beyond all of the ad sense/clickbank sites, blogs, huge content websites, blasting ads to millions, running safelist, sooo many attempts at growing a list etc. lol

    Thanks again !!!
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