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Hi everyone,

My wife wants to learn Spanish. She registered to an online resource where, among other things, she speaks a Spanish sentence in her microphone, it's registered and sent to the site, and someone ( a coach ? ) answers, saying if it's correct or not.

Don't ask me more than that. I might have misunderstood some parts of the program. She was doing it for the first time late last night, and she's not home right now, so I can't check any details with her. And she's not using the same computer as me at home.

I would like to learn German eventually. The reason being that I love the Perry Rhodan series of novels. It's not published in the US. It is in France, and I get access to the books in French anywhere in Quebec.

The thing is, the translation is very very late. The German writers have kept cranking out a 50-page novella weekly since 1961. You read that right, almost 50 years. In French, the rate of translation has been very slow over the years, and so I think they have been translating novellas from the beginning and they are right now at where it was in the German language in the end of the 1970s.

I figured that if I want to be up to date sometime in the ( far ) future, my best bet is to read it in the original language.

So, what would be the best programs to learn another language ?

Thanks !
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    Yeah, I guess I can believe it. The french have a reputation for being VERY fussy about their language. And there are some things that aren't done the same way elsewhere.

    As for german? There WAS another thread about learning languages here. Take a look.

    As for your wife, it is most likely automated. Almost all are. But a personal coach IS better. Of course WHO is going to want to keep hearing you BUTCHER their language.


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    German is not an easy language- I'm saying this as a native german speaker. Better go the "old-fashioned" way by taking courses in your citiy or learning by reading/studying books.

    There is a big part of German people in Canada. Why don't you search for a German bar and talk to the people? I'm sure that they are polite and will help you to get on the right track with this foreign language

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