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Hey everyone,

I've been a member for a few months now and I'm loving it more everyday! I just wanted to give something back to the community so here's my youtube channel where I post every single video I've made. It's a relatively new channel.

Please let me know your thoughts! Constructive criticism is appreciated. I hope it helps someone!

Click here to see my videos!
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    I'm me

    Haha just playin. I like your channel. You have a good presence about you and its easy to connect to you, which is a good trait to have when making videos like this. Its also a great niche with a lot of interest (primarily female demo) and a lot of monetization potential in the futre...that a great thing!

    I would try and spice up the videos a little bit by possible shooting in a different location. Its probably shot by webcam, but you can get a Flip Video or something similar pretty inexpensively which shoots HD and then you can have different settings. Just seems a little boring right now having the same background in all of your videos!!

    Lastly, if you are trying to create a brand, perhaps come up with a fun intro to your videos. If you cant do yourself, perhaps you can head over to fiverr and for $5 perhaps there are people there who can make a nice intro. This branding will help with subscribers...although it doesnt seem like you are having trouble getting fans and subcribers.

    Btw, you joined just 3 weeks ago...are the views and subscribers all natural traffic? Just curious

    Good luck...looks great so far
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    Thanks so much for your words of advice and compliments!

    I like the Flip camera idea. How much do they typically go for? I had no idea they shot in HD! That's a very very helpful point!

    I have a JV partner who is currently managing our youtube channel. I just create the content. No idea what he's doing to cause such a ruckus! haha

    I'm quite happy, though!

    Thanks again!
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    How do you choose the right one?..
    Actually, this is the question I've been thinking for almost 3 months now. I had 2 guys who courted me, First is my 10 years bf, he had an affair with other girl and we broke up for almost a year but we still have constant communication while he's with other girl. The other guy is 4 years younger than me, he's so kind but there are things that I don't think he could give me. Status speaking, my 10 year ex is more stable than him but the problem is I love the young one, but still can't let go the 10 year ex. They want me to choose but still can't answer them.
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    Great question!

    One thing I would recommend is that you prioritize what is more important to you and plant that idea firmly in your mind.

    For example:

    Is stability or fun more important?

    Is being trustworthy or being stable more important?

    Once you've decided upon what you value more then you can decide, without a doubt, who is the right man for you.

    In the long run, I'd recommend choosing someone who's trustworthy over someone who is stable. Someone who is not trustworthy is likely to cheat again or never be trustworthy, while someone who is not stable but very trustworthy can become stable with age.

    It is a matter of personal preference. Good luck!
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