Money, Debt, Banks and Bailouts

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A while ago, I recommended an animated film called "Money As Debt" to fellow Warriors because it did a great job of explaining the history of money including things like fractional lending and how the banking system creates money.

Well, I've only just discovered that the maker of "Money As Debt" (Paul Grignon) released a sequel in 2009 called "Money As Debt 2: Promises Unleashed" in which he goes deeper into how money is created by modern banks (he compares it with counterfeiting) and how this method is connected to the global banking crisis of 2008.

It is both enlightening and eye-opening and you'll be glad that you watched it.

Money As Debt 2 is available as a streaming video...

money as debt 2 - Google Search

...and as a download...

Money As Debt II : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

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