Where do you go first online?

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What is the first thing you do online?
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    I usually check my earnings first, then check emails, reply to customers etc.
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    I first thing on online to check my mails in my email ID.
    Then I am start to chatting with my friends.
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    I race to my PC.

    I go to the warrior forum.

    I log in.

    I dash to the OT forum.

    I look for another thread asking a question by some guy with no
    posts who only asks questions and never participates in the discussion.

    That's what I do, every single morning.

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      Originally Posted by KenThompson View Post

      That's what I do, every single morning.
      Really? You too?!
      "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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    Check the E-mails and earnings !
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    Check the weather forecast.

    Then open Hootsuite, check email and chat with hubby on MSN once he's at work.
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    Email, Facebook (yeah, yeah, I know! I always say, "I need to check and see if the world exploded while I slept), Yahoo, then work sites.
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    wow yeah.. email then facebook.. how interesting
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    Check My E-mails and earnings and then login to warriorforum !

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    E-mail -> News -> Various IM Accounts -> Warrior Forums

    Somewhere in-between all that I load up Pandora.
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    Gmail, I do a few hours of work, mix in a little email checking and car forum reading, then when work is over, I work for another person, and then I do whatever my wife tells me to do, and now that I've got a posting account here, I fully intend to soak up everything I can like a sponge for the next few weeks as I put together my own little startup project.

    Until today, I just played around on car forums all day. Now I need to make those posts make that cha-ching sound. It's a money train, I'm getting on board...whoooooo woooooot!

    Oh, and how does one have a live post on a message board yet have 0 posts listed? Is that one of those magic internet forum things, that if you never leave the Off-Topic forum that your postcount never moves? *snicker*

    Alan Moore | Wichita Falls, TX

    "Blood is thicker than water, but money is thicker than blood!" - Boss Hogg

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    First I read the news, then open up my email. Once I've read my email I open up the stats/earnings for all my sites to check up on them.
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    Open up all my Im accounts, check emails, read news. Then Photoshop
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    First thing as always, check e-mail.
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    I check my earning once a week (monday ) ,check emails .
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    I check my emails, my earnings, then social sites and finally WForum
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    Just banal stuff, checking emails and keywords.
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    1 - emails (using thunderbird)
    2 - facebook
    3 - my own sites
    4 - google
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    Emails, traffic stats and sometimes travian ^^
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    seems that email looks more famous than facebook and google XD
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    check emails, check fiverr orders
    Going to drop the backlink gig soon as its taking too much time for little profit. But its good to start out I guess. got about $200 from it.
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    I usually head straight to Clickbank to check my profits.
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    Momentary Shakes and Figet and then The West.
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    Check my Facebook but more recently, I'm straight into my Hotmail account.

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    i go to youtube to watch interesting videos!
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    google rankings and see if anything has gone up.
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    first I check my e-mails,then I sort my music out and then off to the Warrior Forum.
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    First i check my email and then update my blog.
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    Reading and responding to emails. Takes up of a lot of my time! It can be tough to actually do any work with so many emails being received every day
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    click random top sites on chrome... and go from there...
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    check who's online, check work e-mail, and work work work...
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    Email, warrior forum, facebook, twitter, then do whatever work I have for the day.
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    Check the mail then the news
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