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on Christmas gifts for friends and family? Anyone cutting back cause of the economy?
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    I'm making everything, so not one hell of a lot. My family and pals have opted out of the Christmas as a consumerism/commercial event. We still spend money - but it is used to make meals and make gifts - or do things like hayrides, etc. rather than spendy status quo bling.

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    Yeah, I think Christmas has been way too commercial for too long. Nothing wrong with just getting together and hanging out and talking and eating without spending anything on gifts.

    I'm not one of those that thinks kids need to have the top 10 gifts they want which are typically expensive video game systems/electronics. That adds up like crazy.

    Too many -especially kids- get caught up in the "keeping up with the Joneses" or outdoing the Joneses thing.

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    I think this might be the first Christmas that I'll be spending a whole lot - mostly just because it's the first year that I've been financially independent.

    I'm 20 years old now and I want to be able to show my parents how thankful I am for all the support they've been throwing my way. May sound corny, but hey.
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    I am definetely cutting back. I am trying to help my son pay off his college loans - taking a big bite out of the monthly cash flow!!
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      I think it depends on whether you have kids or grandkids and their ages, but the prices of the latest "gadgets" combined with the economic climate makes you pause before spending those hard earned dollars.
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    Since I had to shut my business down in May, things are tight, but even if that wasn't so, the amount spent at Christmas is minimal,except of course when it comes to my granddaughter .
    I can say that because all the kids are grown,well,at least over 21, and they have had their extravaganza Christmases.
    In addition,I come from a very large family,so we grew up usually drawing names fo gifts instead of trying to get something for everyone.

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      We are not cutting back this year. In fact, this will probably be the most expensive Christmas we have had.

      Our family is starting a new tradtition, however - we are taking the money we would spend on each of the adults (you know - your cousins that you only see once a year) and using that money for a local charity. (We would still get presents for all the kids.)

      Then we will talk about the charities we chose and why when we get together Christmas Eve.

      We think it might be a good way to show the kids how to share with others during Christmas.
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        We are not cutting back this year at all. I have a huge and growing family, so for the grand-children, and the rest of our extended family we will support the economy like never before!
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