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I know a couple other board members who also love playing computer games when they take an R&R break.

The problem is, some of your favorite older games don't work on the newer XP or Vista computers.

Well, here's some good news.

Meet, a site dedicated to patching older top-notch games so they work with the current Windows systems. They do it with the software publishers blessing and everything they offer is less than $10.

Check it out:


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    Thanks for that, I'm going to post that in my gaming forim!

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    Nice, this is seriously cool. I'm an old school PC gamer and this is indeed a great site for guys like me.. Thanks..
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    Man why did you show us that. I really don't have time to dedicate to that anymore and I can't get into it just a little. It will consume me and I won't get anything else done

    I love this stuff including emulators and retro stuff before my time.

    Not that there aren't any talented people now, but those guys back then who did pixel art (not to mention 8 bit micros where the display was really limited compared even to 256 colors - like a display of 256 * 192 pixels divided up into 8*8 pixel cells and each of these 8*8 sqares could only use 2 colors from a palette of 8 colors) were monsters. Working within those limitations develops mad skills.

    Now anyone can open Photoshop, run some filters on something and think they are an artist.

    Not to mention musicians that wrote great tunes for limited, or in the absence of, sound ships and machine code programmers that did amazing stuff with like 8k, 16k, 48k, 128k of RAM.

    These periods produced (crap yes, there's always gonna be some crap) a ton of classics.

    It's been a few years since I've been keeping up with MAME, and Amiga, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and other computers. I loved doing stuff for that and being part of the underground scene contributing game and demo ideas and graphics.

    The last thing was graphics for a Gauntlet clone for the Tandy CoCo called Glove a couple of years ago. Turned out nice.

    Anyway, rant over. It's great stuff.
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