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Okay, this is a chance for each of us to pat each other on the back.

Tell any of your fellow Warriors you love 'em and why.

I'll start.

Let's start with Allen Says.

HE gave us this goldmine that we should all get on our hands and knees
and be eternally thankful for.

This forum has been responsible for more success stories than you could
ever possibly know.

He kicked my butt one day telling me that the way I write I should be
killing it in this business. This was before I got to where I am today.

Allen Says...I love you and I wanna have your baby.

Caliban Darklock...

Folks, come listen to him share some of his ideas on so many things at
the FNC some Friday. Some of it's some deep stuff, and a lot of it he
shares here. I LOVE reading his threads.

Caliban, I wanna have YOUR baby too. But I won't let him grow his hair

Paul Myers has a way of saying 10,000 words with 10. He cuts right to
the heart of the matter and has more brains in his pinky than I have in
my whole head. And damn, can he write. I don't buy IM products anymore
at all...PERIOD. But I buy HIS stuff. What does that tell you?

Paul, you've told me on more than one occasion how badly I had been
behaving. Thank you...I needed that.

I'd have your baby too but I just can't picture anyone with my face
wearing a Stetson.

John McCabe quietly shares some logic and common sense that really hits
home for me, and he does it without a lot of the fanfare that usually
comes with it.

John, I'll have your baby but without the fish.

Jeremy Kellsell (sp) is without a doubt the best no BS poster in this forum.
He tells it like he sees it regardless of who might no agree with him. He's
not concerned about popularity or anything like that. He sticks to his guns
no matter how unpopular some of his ideas are. You have to admire a guy
like that.

Jeremy, if I have your baby do I have to automate his feeding?

The Folks In OT

There a group of members who mainly stay in the OT forum (KimW, HeySal,
ThomM, Seasoned) and so many others, who have made this place on hell
of a fun time even when it's NOT about work.

Come check out the music or movie threads there. We have a lot of fun
and these people make it happen.

I love all you guys and want to have ALL your babies...especially Sal's.

I'd keep going but I'd be here all day.

Truth is, there are many people here who I not only look forward to their
posts, but also call them family.

People wonder why I spend so much time here.

YOU people are the reason.

YOU make this place one that I want to come to...from Allen Says who
was kind enough to give us this playground to play in to every single one
of you (even you folks with 1 post) who make me smile, growl, frown, cry
and just plain feel in a medium where most people would say there are no

The Warrior Forum has, IMO, proven the naysayers wrong.

Long live The Warrior Forum.

Okay, YOUR turn...Who do you love?

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      Originally Posted by KimW View Post

      I'm guessing you orginally posted this up top.
      And for the life of me I can't see why it was moved down here, because this post is the basis on any good marketing, not just IM.
      This post is about building relationships.
      No, I posted this here originally. Most of my posts are in OT now.
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    Killer list of people you are having babies with Steven.

    My list adds some guy named Steven Wagenheim and Alexa Smith....but I only have babies with the cute Filipina who rocks my world.
    Brain Drained...Signature Coming Soon!
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    Wow, medical science has really made advances on who can have babies with who.

    Project HERE.

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    I love everyone, even though there are those the weaker and more
    base part of me wants to introduce to a Louisville slugger baseball

    I make a special effort to love them the most. I have to.

    It is because I want to beat them senseless for the things they do,
    they say, the stupid (in my mind) games they play, the childish
    politics they insist on entertaining, the way they treat other people...

    It is for those reasons that I love them.

    They are in my life to teach me a lesson. So I try to learn it. It's often
    not easy, usually isn't, but I keep the door open.

    I love all the people in this forum who are not loved or treated
    right because they are considered "nobody" by those who think
    they are somebody.

    I love the people who have no clue, who have no 'official' (think
    official in social terms) status, who are not 'cool,' perhaps aren't
    recognized as beautiful people...

    Those who haven't made it, whatever the hell made it means...

    People who will never make it or ever be blessed with being spoken
    to by those who are divine in this forum...

    All the people who try to do something about all the **** that has
    been served up to them by life's conditions. The people whose
    efforts are doomed to fail for whatever reason. I love you.

    As hard as it sometimes is to feel love for someone I'd much rather
    hurt, I know that if I try to understand why they do the things
    they do - it's easier for love to prevail.

    When I do feel compassion for them, and I send them light, I know
    something good passes from me to them. Something passes through
    me to them, and they are given more of what is best for them as
    is known by something who knows better than me.

    And I even love you, Steve Wagenheim, because you were placed
    in my path so I could learn a lesson.

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      Well I don't love him but I want to say thanks to Ken for giving me the best laugh I've had in ages last night
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        Originally Posted by LynnM View Post

        Well I don't love him but I want to say thanks to Ken for giving me the best laugh I've had in ages last night
        That's ok, Lynn.

        I said I love everyone, and that includes you.

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          Originally Posted by KenThompson View Post

          That's ok, Lynn.

          I said I love everyone, and that includes you.

          That's nice! No offence btw, we don't do the love thing much over here, we're far more reserved than you folks in the USA.
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    Wait, I hear a song coming.........


    Read A Post.
    Subscribe to a Newsletter

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    I love everyone..
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    Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

    Jeremy, if I have your baby do I have to automate his feeding?

    Chokes on coffee.
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      I love the whole forum and all it represents.

      I love the controversy created by some posts.

      I love the huge laughs I get from other posts.

      What can I say???

      Did I mention I LOVE IT???

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