A 7 minute YouTube Video - For Lovers of America

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This isn't about marketing per se. But it relates to
the subtext for all marketing that occurs in America.
Without the love of what you see here, marketing would
not be the robust and frisky critter it is -- at least
not here.

Watch the video and see if you don't agree.

With Veteran's Day just 2 days away, I think it's
appropriate that we remember it's not just a holiday.
Most of us on this forum probably aren't taking time
off anyway. But maybe you can spare a minute (or 7)
to think about those who sacrificed and those who
continue to sacrifice so that this country, and the
even the world at large can be a freer, better place.

If you liked the outcome of the election, you can
celebrate the freedoms that have been wrought from from
blood and treasure. If you didn't like the outcome, it
is time to recommit yourself to the proposition that
America is and will always remain the Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave.

It's important to remember this from time to time.
Especially in the shrill and silly world to which so
many people seem bent on taking us.

Yours in success,
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